An EGLGFG update – finally…

Sooooo hey there, it’s been a while! While i do have a couple different drafts written up in what I call “blog post purgatory”, I really haven’t thought much about the blog in the last few months. But recently I’ve been feeling more like coming back to EGLGFG, so here I am. It should come … Continue reading

Hermes 10 Miler Race Recap

FYI I started this post 3 weeks ago, so some of it is less relevant now than it would have been. But I have a small human that needs me a lot and that doesn’t leave a heck of a lot of time for me. And when I do get me time, other things win … Continue reading

It’s time to race again!

Wow does time sneak up on you when you have a new baby. I really wanted to write about this year’s Boston Marathon since my last post was about last year’s, but since 98% of the blogging running community have already beaten me to it, I think I’m going to highlight some of the posts … Continue reading

I Remember…

Last year after the Boston Marathon bombings I didn’t write about it. I felt that I couldn’t do my feelings justice in words. I felt that I couldn’t do the tragedy justice in words. And I didn’t want to write about something so important, so traumatic, and not have it exactly represent my feelings. But … Continue reading