Several times over the past couple days I’ve sat down at my “blog dashboard” and opened up a new post to write. And then… … … nothing. I couldn’t think of a single thing worth writing about. I think part of the problem comes from the fact that I just don’t think my blog skills are that great. I am definitely a rookie at this whole thing, and I happen to love to read the blogs of some ladies who are very, VERY good at it! So, in an effort to either make myself feel better or totally dissuade myself from continuing down this path I took a look at some of my favorite blogs, at their first few posts ever. I found that almost all of their blogs had gone through some big transformations, and so I will forge on through this blawkward time (cheesy, I know) knowing that I too, will have some transformations at some point and this thing will start looking and reading better.

I got Chipotle for lunch yesterday, and while you may think this goes against my “eat clean foods” idea, you will be happy to know that Chipotle has a commitment to serving food with integrity. And it is super delicious. I tried the barbacoa meat for the first time, at the suggestion of one of my high school athletes, and I was not disappointed. As I was eating my delicious burrito bowl (they have brown rice now!) and watching the previous night’s episode of Bones I finally read the actual brown bag the burrito bowl came in. and I realized its a very good description of why I wanted to “eat clean foods” in the first place. Read it below, disregarding the long division that I was doing on that white piece of paper. I’m not exactly sure what I was trying to figure out, but I’m a little emabarrassed that I couldn’t do that one in my head.

NEVER underestimate the power of the burrito...or the burrito bowl.

Pretty cool stuff. Other cool things? Just these OXO plastic containers that we bought last weekend:

Those are filled with sunflower seeds and oat bran, which I use to make my mom’s delicious granola (recipe coming soon). The smaller jars are filled with my parents’ bees’ raw organic honey. One day my parents will get smart and start selling it online and I can plug them all the time but until then you’ll just have to enjoy it’s beautiful amber color from a distance :).

And finally, the latest review on new placebo techniques. I recently was given a bunch of Phiten“titanium discs” as a donation to my training room at the school I work at. Now, we all know that high school kids+placebo treatment=pure genius (well, all we high school athletic trainers know that) so I save them for all the kids that I think just need a little TLC. These little buggers claim to “alleviate discomfort, enhance circulation, and stabilize energy flow”. Suuuuuuure. Well, when I first brought them in I called them “magic disks” and of course all my kids said “oooh I want to try the magic discs!” I had one very level headed athlete who happened to be suffering from some tendinitis and so I said “now, Amy (not real name, hello HIPAA) just so you understand, these WILL NOT DO ANYTHING for your tendinitis, but lets put them on for fun ok?” we laughed, put these crazy dots on her leg, and sent her out to practice. Low and behold, after practice she said “you know Abbey, I know these are just a joke, but my leg really did feel better!” And so we kept using them. Fast forward to today. I’ve been having some consistent pain in my 3rd metatarsal (in my foot) that I can’t really figure out what it’s from. My 4th toe chronically dislocates (thats another whole story) and I have a screw in my 1st metatarsal, so foot mechanics could definitely be an issue, but it has been hurting pretty bad to walk barefoot (but not to run or wear sneakers, go figure!). I was cleaning up today and came across some magic disks that I’d brought home and thought “ooooh the ultimate test”. BAM! 4 magic disks on the front and back of my 3rd metatarsal head. I kid you not 10 minutes later my pain was significantly reduced. Quite embarrassing for a “health care professional” to admit, but it’s true, I am {sort of} a believer in Phiten.  Until it stops working 🙂

The magic dots, doin' their thang...?

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