Winner Winner Delicious Dinner!

Ladies and Gentleman tonight I, with some help from the hubster, made a very, very tasty meal. I left my last post saying I was off to experiment some more with Butternut Squash. I chose to experiment with chikpeas instead, and it was a complete FAIL. I tried a recipe for roasted chikpeas that in theory sounded delicious. I will not share it because I obviously did something very wrong and I will no longer make anything with chikpeas except hummus. I will, however, share a picture of what the burnt, dry, yucky finished chikpea product looked like:

The little Chikpeas, before they received death by trash-can.

Before I totally gave up on the little guys I tried to sprinkle a little parmesan cheese in there; everything is good with parmesan cheese right? VERY WRONG. All hopes of salvage left after that blunder.

Which brings me to my total redemtion-by-delicious-dinner tonight. I still had that butternut squash to play with, and I decided to try Lisa Jervis’ (author of Cook Food) method of roasting. This involves a 500 degree oven, folks. Prior to tonight I didn’t even know ovens went up that high! Ok maybe I kid, but I’d definitely never cooked anything at that temp. I was expecting burned squash central circa the chikpeas from last night, but as you’ll see I was pleasantly surprised!

I’d like to digress a minute now to complain about how impossible it is to skin a butternut squash. I mean c’mon squash, could you be any more protective of your delicious orangey-yellow innards? It took me a solid 10 minutes (and 15 curse words) with my sub-par veggie peeler to do a decent job. Squash peelings were flying everywhere BUT the trash can! It’s a good thing you’re delicious, B-squash, because you sure are a lot of work!

Anyway, I begrudgingly peeled (and peeled, and peeled) and chopped the squash into 1 in x 2 in chunks. I threw them into a bowl and added a solid dollop of olive oil, some salt and pepper, and some fresh picked rosemary from our back porch (bonus points!). After liberally oiling my roasting pan I dumped the squash on it and, after making sure each squash piece had enough room between it and it’s squash neighbors, stuck it in the oven aka roasting inferno. 20 minutes later and BAM! Perfectly roasted squashies. I was totally impressed. Unfortunately I did not warn the hubster that the oven was set at 500 degrees and when he went to be nice and take the pan out he came very close to singeing his eyebrows off.

Roasted Perfection!

We complemented these delicious little guys with some sauteed asparagus and sweet onion, mushroom risotto, and some homemade chicken fingers. Hubster was in charge of the chicken fingers and he put together a delcious bread crumb mixture with lots of seasoning. The plate was so pretty I didn’t want to eat it! If only all dinners could come together like this.

My poor little camera does not do well with the lighting in our house. One of these days I will figure out how to make it better.

To make things even better (better? could this meal get any better?) we brought out some LOCAL mustard called Ben’s Sweet and Hot Mustard for the chicken tenders. Ben, I love the website. “what kindness have you done today?” But you know what? I love your mustard more. It’s like a party in your mouth, and I am a total fan.

Abbey’s Good Mistake of the Day:

This morning I was getting ready to go for a nice little 3-mile recovery jog and I couldn’t find my keys anywhere. After a solid 10 minutes, which seems to be the time I have to look for any given lost object before I remember its location, I remembered where my keys were. Unfortunately my keys were most definitely in the cup holder of the hubster’s truck, which he had most definitely taken to work about 30 minutes ago, which is just about how long it takes to get to his work. CRAP. My house keys AND my only car key were on that keychain. I had a busy day of errands ahead of me – haircut (necessity since my last cut was in april), grocery shopping, work, etc…what was I going to do? Obviously the immediate answer was to delay thinking about it and go for that run, and so I did, leaving the back door unlocked. When I got back I realized that, even though it was pretty chilly and looked like it was about to dump rain any second I would just have to ride my bike to my hair salon and to get groceries, and then bike commute to work as well. Crisis averted! Luckily none of these places are more than 5 miles away.

5 minutes before I needed to leave for my hair appointment I realized something very important…my bike-lock key was ALSO on that darn key-chain. Seriously? I knew I had an extra key but I could not find it anywhere. Probably because I only looked for it for 5 minutes and not 10. In the end I decided to trust the small, low-crime-rate town that we live in and see just how safe my princess bike was. Not only did it sit outside the hair salon for an hour without getting stolen, it also chilled outside the grocery store without incident while I bought a few ingredients for our soon-to-be-winner-dinner.

It felt so good to be in the crisp cool air, pedaling along from errand to errand to work. I had been really good about biking to work every day for a while and then I just kind of got lazy. The weather was bad, or I needed to go somewhere after work, or I just didn’t want to leave early enough to bike. Today reminded me how much I love the pedal-commute, and that I should do it more often, or at least until it snows. For me riding a bike like the princess bike (a cruiser, not a road-bike) gives me the same feeling that skipping does – I feel like once again I’m a little kid without a care in the world. Not to mention I’m saving on gas, reducing my carbon footprint, and giving my lungs and little workout!

2 thoughts on “Winner Winner Delicious Dinner!

  1. Ahhh…I just love reading your blog. It brings smiles to my face. I think those chickpeas look tasty! (So glad to hear the princess bike is getting some exercise.)

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