A Small Business Christmas

Well, I missed Small Business Saturday…

Thanks to a 14 hour work day. But I’m not gonna let a measley little hockey tournament get in the way of me supporting the little guys. Small business owners, that is.  I’ve decided that this year is going to be a small business Christmas, meaning that I’m going to make every effort to buy every single Christmas gift from a small business. And I encourage everyone to buy at least one gift from a local small business owner! “Wow that’s going to be hard” you say? Well, after thinking about different options on my very enjoyable treadmill run this morning, I’m going to politely disagree. I think it will actually be quite easy, and more fun! And with that I bring you some great ideas for supporting small businesses, both local and not-so-local. this holiday season.

Abbey’s Super #1 Nowhere-Near-Complete Guide to Helpin’ Out The Little Guys:

Note: If I were a small business owner, I would love being referred to as “one of the little guys” so please don’t be offended SBO’s out there! Otherwise your just the man everyone’s trying to stick it to…think about it…

1. Believe I am–  Created by two professional runners, Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan, who are all about the power of BELIEF and using it to attain all your goals. Their training journal is great for the female athlete in your family. It’s centered around running but it really could be used for any competitive athlete, I would have loved to have one of these when I was in gymnastics years ago! Plus they have some super cute shirts, each one based around a powerful word like “Strong” or “Grateful”. Someone like myself (hint hint) would LOVE to sport the relaxed hoody dress (though I will admit, one-size-only always makes me a smidge nervous) In all seriousness, what’s better than supporting 2 amazing athletes and encouraging strength, power, and good self-esteem in women.

2. Cleveland Independents – OK, really only a good gift for people living in and around Cleveland BUT you can get a similar gift in your area. Just find a good ol’ local restaurant that suits your gift recipient’s taste and buy them a gift card! Everyone likes a free dinner, and if the place you live is like Cleveland there are some GOOD places out there!

3. Picky Bars – Watch out Clif bars! These tasty morsels are made with 100% real food, and many of the ingredients are organic. Plus they were created by 3 pro-athletes, Lauren Fleshman, Stephanie Rothstein, and Jesse Thomas. Growing up “santa” always left a clif bar in our stocking (and an orange, along with other goodies), and if he’d known about these things I have a feeling that we’d have grown up with Picky Bars instead. Perfect for the busy professional, mom, athlete, or student…Oh, and by the way? They’re gluten AND dairy free!

How can you say no to a product who’s motto is “it’s freaking science dude.”? Love it!

4. Support a local no-kill/rescue shelterOr this one in Cleveland, Secondhand Mutts, that has absolutely ADORABLE shirts and sweatshirts with all of the proceeds going to support the Rescue. If you’d love to save one of these sweet lookin’ pups but can’t, at least you can buy a t-shirt or some pint glasses to help pay for their shots/food/training!

This is Baba Ganoush, one of the dogs up for adoption. I want him. How can anyone say no to this face???

5. 2nd Sole Rocky River (Or your own local specialty running or cycling shop) – I’ve been to specialty cycling or running shops in every city I’ve lived in and the service I’ve gotten there is always the best. The people are nice, friendly, extremely helpful, and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you walk away happy. And that, my friends, is someone I enjoy supporting with my money.

6. Terrapass– I thought this was a pretty neat idea. With this company you can “offset” your carbon footprint from various things (driving your car, flying, maintaining a house) by donating money. The money is then sent to help support various projects that help make our air cleaner. The website is very informative and provides lots of evidence that supports what they’re doing and it’s success.

7. The Villager – A small gallery in Auburn, AL, this place has some awesome stuff. And if you’re from out of state, just click on the shop local tab to select your state to see items made by artists in that state! What a great idea!

And there you have it. Certainly not a complete guide, but hopefully a few ideas to get you started. Get creative! Anyone else have good ideas for supporting small businesses?

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