The Girl in the Blue Tank Top

I started running with a group a couple weeks ago on Thursdays, and a couple days ago I went to the Tuesday night group run for the first time. Usually in the spring/summer/fall this is a speed workout at the local high school track, but tonight it was just a regular run, which was what I’d wanted. My previous 2 days of running on Sunday and Monday were both 6.5 miles plus, and I knew last night’s would be at least 6 so I was just hoping to hang on with the slow(er) group as I haven’t run that many miles on consecutive days in quite a while. Upon arrival I was excited, there were a lot of people there! Gathered as usual in the two groups, I mosey-ed on over to the slower group, of whom there were many familiar faces. And then, as we stood shivering waiting till 6:30, I saw her…The girl in the blue tank top.

Back in April I ran the Cleveland 10-miler (race report). I was not in any sort of 10-miler shape (as seems to be the status quo for when I run 10-milers) and I hadn’t run more than 7 miles at one time in the past 6 months. Nevertheless, I started off at a comfortably hard pace and settled in. I was miserable by mile 4, and stopped looking at my watch shortly thereafter, not wanting to see what I assumed would be a drastic slowing in my pace as I trudged along. About mile 6 I focused on a woman about 10 feet in front of me, a shorter woman in a blue tank top, and I went to my happy place and just hung on to her thinking “i’ll just stay with her till mile 7” Mile 7 came and went and I found myself saying “I’ll just stay with her till mile 8” and on and on it went. Sometimes I passed her at water stations, sometimes we ran closer to each other. After the last water station I passed her, and thought “I wonder if she has any idea that I’ve been hanging on to her all this time”…sure enough, as she caught back up with me she said “you’re not losing me, your stuck with me” and we ran together, chatting when I could stop huffing and puffing long enough to speak, until about 3/4 of a mile to go when she slowly pulled away. After I crossed the finish line (with a 2 minute PR!) She was waiting for me, and it was her that suggested I try out the 2nd sole running group in Rocky River. And then we went our separate ways.

Fast forward 7 months, and here I am shivering away before our run when across the way, in the faster group, I see her! I of course walked over to talk to her and let her know that I had finally come, after so long. As we were catching up I suddenly realized that my slow group had left me! I was with a bunch of {fast} people that I’d never run with! And my legs were bound to be fatigued from my previous days’ runs! Crap! Doubt crept into my mind about how my body would carry me through the run, but as we started down the dark sidewalk I realized I had no choice but to just relax and hang with them as long as I could. Apparently the fast group on Tuesday is slower than the fast group on Thursday (phew!) and we ran at a perfect pace, where I was relaxed enough most of the time to say a few words but also significantly fatigued at the end of the 6.5 miles.

It was really a very enjoyable run and there were lots of Christmas lights up to admire. The only un-enjoyable part was the unfortunate chafing of my legs. Nike Tempo shorts you are not supposed to ride up! I read it somewhere! So WHY did you allow my sweet little  inner thighs to rub? Not cool. Definitely taking a break from those guys for a while. Anyone have suggestions for running shorts that stay where they’re supposed to? Aside from spandex, which I may just switch to permanently.

Mine were grey and pink, but I do own this pair also...

 And now I leave you with some Gaga:

Lately at work in my athletic training room at the school I’ve been hearing A LOT of this song, which happens to be my favorite Lady Gaga song. By a lot I mean literally on repeat for 2 hours every day. At first I thought it was coming from swim practice, which is right across the hall from me, and I’m thinking “how is it possible that everyone on the swim team wants to listen to this song on repeat during practice?”… but then I learned it was actually the dance team choreographing a routine. It makes MUCH more sense now, and I can’t wait to see the routine at our next basketball game! I haven’t even gotten sick of the song yet…

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