A One Month Review

About that early run I had planned for yesterday morning…

I did it!!! Take that laziness! It helped that I woke up on my own at 5:30 anxious as to whether I would have the guts to get out of bed or not. The little voice saying “no, lay back down in this warm bed for another hour” was definitely there, but at 5:50 when the alarm rang I switched it off and hopped out of bed. Literally, I got out of bed as quick as I could so I couldn’t change my mind. I think that might be the trick actually, nice shot of adrenaline/change in blood pressure to wake you up. I’m going to go with it. Anyone else use this method?

Now, I know that for the hard core morning runners a 6 am run is a luxury and you’re usually out the door by 5 or 5:30 but it’s pretty darn early for me. I got ready in about 5 minutes, drank some water, downed a gel (Gu, plain flavor, gross.) and was out the door. Even the weather was nice to me this morning, the rain had stopped and it was just lightly misting which in Cleveland is basically nice weather. As I said goodbye to  hubster he was a little worried about me running in the dark so he told me to stay on this one road that’s pretty well traveled (we live in the suburbs)…it made for a dull run but I obeyed, I’m a scaredy-pants when it comes to the dark anyway.

The first 5 minutes, I’m not gonna lie, I could not stop smiling. I had done it! I had gotten up early, pushed through the “i don’t want to” and I was so dang proud of myself for this little victory. The run was so invigorating, with the cool/cold air and the mist coming down. It was dark the entire way, one of the big negatives about living on the western edge of the eastern time zone. I think that’s reason 182745472 why I’ve had a rough time getting up early to exercise. But the darkness and the deserted side walks and quiet roads were nice, the calm before the day. And I only almost got hit by a car once (kidding mom, I’m smart and I pretend like no cars see me, which was probably pretty accurate yesterday morning).

Final verdict? I’m a big fan of this morning running stuff but I do think I need to invest in a dorky headlamp, especially for when it snows. And maybe the Nike Vapor Flash jacket. You know, because its totally reasonable to spend $350 on a running jacket (it does look super cool and safe though)

Goofy looking? Yes. Practical? Definitely.

Oh Hey Allyson Felix, that jacket looks so bright and safe on you! Mind if I borrow your Nike discount for a day?

EGLGFG One Month Review – Just how good have I been eating, living, and feeling?

(is it OK to abbreviate the name of your own blog? Lets roll with it…)

Some thoughts and comments one month into my life revolution:

1. I really should have picked a shorter blog name. But alas, it took me way too long to come up with this one, so it’s here to stay.

2. As far as eating good clean whole foods this month I give myself an A. We’ve eaten out a couple times, but mostly at places like Sweet Melissa’s that supports local whenever possible and are organic. Other than that its been homemade delicious goodness, with healthy ingredients, no preservatives and all antibiotic/hormone-free animal products. And only a few total flops in the kitchen (roasted chikpeas, anyone?).

3. I discovered that I love squash, and I ate a lot of it. My neighbors and the hubster made fun of me for all my squash experiments – stuffed acorn squash (yum), stuffed spaghetti squash (double yum), and my all time favorite butternut squash, in a variety of meals but most of all roasted (yum times a thousand). Between dinner a couple nights ago and yesterday’s lunch I single-handedly ate an entire roasted butternut squash. Might need to work on squash moderation next month.

4. I really need a blogging for dummies book. Seriously, I haven’t felt this out of touch with technology since…ever. I haven’t taken a computer-related class since typing in the 6th grade, so as you can imagine I’m a little behind on “widgets” and what “rss feed” is and how to do things like insert only part of a webpage instead of the whole thing. I tried to do some experiment to validate my website with google the other day and failed miserably. I don’t even know how to explain what I could and couldn’t do! But I’ll work on it.

5. I exercised more days than not. I only logged 90 miles for the month running, nothing to write home about, BUT I ran consistently 4-5 times each week and that is something I haven’t done since April. Pat on the back for Abbey.

6. I’m really enjoying cooking and trying new things. Wow, that’s a change! I went from having ZERO desire to cook to being really excited about finding something to try for dinner each night. Great success!

And a little goal-setting:

1. Cook more on Sundays. This time of year is where things will get tough time-wise. Work events step up in the month of December, and I’ll be working till 9 or later 3-4 nights a week. Now is when it will be easy to grab that slice of pizza from the concession stand in between games, or go grab fast food for dinner on the way home. Not that a) I won’t do that once or twice. and b) it won’t be completely OK to do so. I’m not trying to be a crack-nut psycho-eater, not my goal. But it would be nice to on, say, Wednesday, 5 minutes before I leave reach into the fridge and grab a nice homemade dinner ready for enjoyment in between basketball games.

2. Yoga once each week. For sanity. and sweating, and to spend time with my new friend (a friend! that lives in the same area code! yay!). and so I can buy some super expensive lululemon oufits. Kidding about the Lululemon, kind of.

*Funny story, when I first learned about the brand Lululemon for some reason I was led to believe that it was a brand for pregnant women. Not sure where that came from.*

3. Volunteer with Secondhand Mutts. Like I said, I’ve never volunteered in my life, and I’m pretty excited about trying it out.

4. Keep running outside as the weather gets bad/unbearable. Its currently freezing raining out here in the land of cleve so I’m pretty sure we’ve turned that corner into horrible winter-land. I still can’t help but be excited about the first snow though, probably due to my snow-deprived youth. If anyone has tips on how to run safely/enjoyably/without-getting-frostbite-and-losing-a-nose-or-a-finger throughout miserably cold/windy/snowy/icy winters I AM ALL EARS! Gear, must-do’s, gimme everything you got! I will be sharing my own learn-as-you-go tips along the way…the only time I ran in the snow in Philly I completely wiped out rounding a corner at a busy intersection. Pretty sure I gave about 50 people a good laugh to start their workday (including myself). As long as I can bring joy to someone’s life… 🙂

Ok Folks, I need your help. Its that time of year, and I need to find a very delicious cookie to make for people at the hubster’s work (and my work too). Anybody got a killer recipe for holiday treats that they’d be willing to share?

2 thoughts on “A One Month Review

  1. I’ve seen the vapor jacket (my friend works for Nike) — it is really cool! When you take a picture in it with a flash, only the jacket will show up (everything else looks black). It’s pretty cool.

    I am a terrible morning running so getting up at 5:30 and running at 6 sounds super early to me!

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