I heart Sweat, a Shoe Review, and Ragnar

I am super excited! Ali is selling I ❤ Sweat shirts again! Go buy one!

They are so awesome. Or so I hear, and will soon find out! And some of the proceeds go to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. I happen to know several people with these diseases and I’m sure you do too!

Now back to me: I was all set to wake up early again yesterday morning to get a run in. Tuesday I woke up early and ran, Wednesday I went to 6am Yoga, and yesterday was supposed to be a challenging 6am 4 x 1200m with 400m recovery workout. I was excited about it as I went to bed Wednesday night but alas, when the alarm went off at 5:50 I had a problem. I was still excited about the workout and wanted to get up but my head felt yucky. In Abbey Epilepsy land this usually happens when I don’t get enough sleep or haven’t been taking my daily medicine regularly (sometimes, it’s just hard to remember if I’ve taken it…I need an old lady pillbox, I know) or if I’m really stressed and haven’t been sleeping. It’s an impossible feeling to describe, but basically I feel like I’m going to have a seizure, which, as you non-seizure people can probably guess, is not a good feeling. Usually when this happens the best thing to do is just go back to sleep, if possible, and the feeling usually gets better or goes away. And if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my 20-some-odd years its that you should always listen to your body. So even though I wanted to get up and run I closed my eyes again and slept…and slept…and I woke up a solid 10 minutes before I ususally leave in order to be a respectable 5 minutes early for work. Whoopsie. My head felt good though! And in 20 minutes I managed to shower, dress, make coffee, put on tinted lotion and some mascara (my version of makeup), and pack a breakfast to eat at work (greek yogurt and homemade granola). I somehow was right on time for work too, which makes nooo sense but I won’t complain.

After work I even had the gumption to go to the gym and do the workout from this morning. I don’t usually do well running in the evening, but I got into the groove and even though I was on a treadmill and without music I had a great run!

Abbey at 6am Yoga is not the same as Abbey at afternoon Yoga.

I was really excited for Yoga on Wednesday morning. I felt so awesome and rejuvenated after the Sunday Yoga class and this class was the same type of yoga with the same instructor.  I was a little tired as the hubster and I had fallen asleep on the couch around 11pm and hadn’t woken up off the couch until 4 am (ahhh I had to wake up for real in an hour and a halffff!)…No wonder my head was yucky yesterday! I was looking forward to disappearing into the breath for an hour-long sweat fest. The problem was that I didn’t seem to be breathing. I felt like every 5 seconds I was like “hey Abbey you’re not breathing”. The “flow” was escaping me this morning. Maybe that happens sometimes regardless of the time of day? Yoga Gurus out there? I mean I used to have “bad days” at gymnastics, is this essentially the same thing? Not being able to get your flow on? Oh well, I’ll try again next week.

Me, during yoga, minus the gray hair and the fact that I have the future of a country in my hands.

Yo, Abbey, where are all those recipes you’re supposed to be sharing?

Ok, so I’ve been a little busy this week. Never fear though! I happen to have a pretty open weekend and I am planning on having the first annual EGLGFG Christmas Bake-a-thon/cook-a-thon/clean-a-thon. Should be awesome and followed by funny stories, tasty recipes, and hopefully some pictures. Get excited!

A Shoe Review – Karhu Fluid Fulcrum Ride 

I was a shoe-jumper for several years, but for the past 2-3 years I’ve been sticking with the Mizuno Wave Rider series. I loved my Wave Rider 12s. Then when it was time for my next pair they had upgraded to the 13s. I didn’t like the 13s. I don’t know what they changed about them but I wasn’t diggin it. When the 14s came out I heard bad reviews so I switched to the Mizuno Wave Alchemys, which was a really dumb move. Why was it a dumb move? Well the wave alchemys have a medial post and are for overpronaters. I have arches that you could drive a truck through and I should never, EVER be in shoes for overpronators. The saddest part about this story is that I ran in these shoes for almost a year before I even realized it! They didn’t feel good, and when I bumped my mileage up my 4th toe (which I chronically dislocated throughout the years of gymnastics), and the 3rd and 4th metatarsals in my foot started killlllllling me. I really did not feel like an intelligent, healthcare professional when I realized my mistake. Nitwit would be a more accurate description.

ANYWAY I say all that to say that I desperately needed some new shoes, and wanted to try the Mizuno Wave Rider 15s but they wouldn’t be out for another few months. Enter Karhu. Hubster had bought some Karhu’s around the time I made my intelligent Wave Alchemy purchase, and he really liked them. Why not? They come in some pretty cool colors and the whole idea with the fulcrum is that it helps direct your energy forward, eliminating wasteful “bounce” in your stride. I’ve been running in them for a little over a month and I am now ready to give you the down n dirty on my experience with the Karhus. *note: I am not a professional shoe-reviewer, this is just my little old opinion on the shoes.

My Karhus, aren't the colors awesome?!


  • They really do feel like they propel you forward. I can’t tell you if I’ve become more efficient or not, but it does feel like I run more forward in these shoes, if that makes any sense. Also, it feels like they make me recruit my hamstrings more when I run, which is a good thing.
  • They come in awesome colors.
  • They are pretty lightweight at 8.9 oz for the women’s shoe, 10.7 oz for men’s. I’m pretty sure that’s what Mizuno’s WR was also.
  • They provide good cushion, while still being responsive


  • They take a little while to get used to, but it usually takes me a while to “like” my new shoes so this could just be me
  • The sizing is a little wonky, I usually wear 7s, but the 7s were a little too snug for my liking yet the 7 1/2s were a little to big for my liking. 7 1/4 would’ve been perfect. Hubster also had problems with the sizing. He ordered his off the internet and didn’t want to return them so he’s been wearing snug fitting running shoes for a year…he gets a nasty blister on his toe every time he runs unless he wears these little toe cushion sock thingies.
  • My biggest beef won’t matter to most of you unless you have a large ugly twice-repaired achilles like me. You see my achilles has this lump above the heel, where most achilles’ go in a little bit mine does not. It’s gross. Especially if I wear heels. My dreams of being a leg model were dashed in December of 2003 and then again in February of 2004 (right after I got my cast off from surgery #1 I slipped on ice 4 days later and partially retore the repair…enter surgery#2) and it made for a pretty crappy freshman year of college. ANYWAY for almost 3 years following the repairs whenever I bought a new pair of shoes they would rub a blister slightly above my heel on the inside of the scar, because that’s where it’s the biggest (gross, I know). It hadn’t happened in a long time because I’d developed this ugly continuation of the scar from all the blisters. Karhu, you found a way to make a shoe that rubs me where no shoe has rubbed before. Enter THE BLISTER:

    Disgusting, I know. Should I have warned you before showing something so gross? This little sucker hurts like a bitch.

    Darn you, Karhus Darn you. (p.s. sorry I said the b-word on my blog mom. You’d say it too if you had this blister though I promise) Check out the blood spot that has tainted my otherwise very cool running shoes:

    Very sad day in shoe-land. Very sad indeed.

    Overall grade for the Karhu Fluid Fulcrum Ride? I give you an A-. But I’m probably going to try the Wave Rider 15s when I’ve got my mileage out of these puppies.

Who’s going to run Ragnar with me???

2 vans, 12 runners, 200 miles through day and night…WHO CAN SAY NO TO THAT????? I think it sounds incredibly fun and awesome. I am open to the following sites: Cape Cod, Chicago, Northwest Passage, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. I’ve got a couple people on board already and I’m totally psyched about making this happen. We can make T-shirts and have a cool team name and  it will be the most fun 2 days ever. Welcoming all runners!

5 thoughts on “I heart Sweat, a Shoe Review, and Ragnar

    • Ah that’s a good question! I don’t get typical auras (tingling, etc) but a couple of months ago my head was feeling really crappy ALL the time (I was on a different medication that is better for women’s health) I went to the neurologist and did an EEG and in 20 minutes I had like 7 episodes of seizure activity in my brain or something crazy like that, so I think the head feeling crappy is more like actual seizure activity, though I guess that’s pretty much what an aura is too. It’s hard to tell because I have absence and myoclonic seizures, not the stereotypical tonic-clonic fall-down-and-seize seizures that people always think of. So if I have a full blown seizure I usually just drop whatever I”m holding and my eyes roll back in my head…It feels a lot worse to me than it looks to other people! But I do treat it like an aura, ie if my head feels really crappy if at all possible I lay down and rest and it usually feels better (not really possible at work though).

      side story – when I lived in Philly, on MULTIPLE occaisions I would be on runs outside in random parts of the city and all of a sudden smell really strong the smell of riptide rush gatorade powder. I thought it was an aura and would get really nervous lol…Nothing ever happened though, I must just have a weird olfactory system 🙂

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