Spicy Black Bean Burgers EGLGFG Style!

So my last post was decididly downhearted. I’m sorry about that, I really am. Especially at this special “Changing of the years” times. wah-woh. But seriously, the upcoming New Year is exciting for me. I’ve tried to think about where I was at this time last year, and a lot has happened since December 30th 2010 and the year Two Thousand and Eleven

  • Yeah, I was unemployed. You see, I quit my job in Philly when I moved to Cleveland to be with Hubster. I love love LOVED my job and was very sad to leave the docs at Temple University Hospital and the kids and coaches at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School.

    Legendary Philly basketball coach William "Speedy" Morris. Yeah, I worked with him. He's the bomb. And by bomb I mean one of the best people I've ever met.

  • Hubster wasn’t even hubster last year! He was just “fianceester”, getting used to his new job in Cleveland. And I was getting used to the massive amounts of snow and shoveling.
  • Our puppy wasn’t Tessie, it was Fenway. Fenway passed away in March (March 18th to be exact) from an unknown heart abnormality. It was one of the worst days of my life. She was super awesome and I loved her very much.
Fenny Foo Foo and Hubster – This cuddle fest happened a lot
  • Yipes! That picture reminded me that we also still had that AWFUL couch, until June of 2011. Thank goodness for change! Side story: We bought that couch and it’s matching loveseat counterpart literally off the corner of the street in South Philly. This big truck would come up every week from NC and sell crappy high quality sofa loveseat combos for $550…We got $50 off for taking it in our truck. Classy. It did the job though! We are verrrrrry glad that we didn’t have a bug infestation, I was a little worried about that for a few days.
  • My biggest concern food-wise was how little money I could spend on food, being that I was gainfully unemployed. Organic? No way Jose! Meat? I don’t care where it came from, was it on sale? etc.
  • I knew approximately 3.4 people in Cleveland. Now I can’t go to the grocery store without running into to someone I know. How times can change in 365 days!
  • Hubster and I got married and I became Mrs. Hubster. Our wedding was perfect, of course, and our honeymoon was even better. (Holler at you Sandals La Toc in St. Lucia! We’ll be back!)

If you had asked me January 1, 2010 where I would be December 30, 2010 I would never ever EVER have said “unemployed by choice and living in Cleveland”. And if you’d told me that was in fact what I would be doing and where I would be living I would have laughed in your face for a long long time. Which just goes to show you how quickly your whole life can change. In truth, 2011 was totally a blur. I feel like I was just getting by, getting used to a new job, then getting used to a new puppy, then a death in hubsters family, all the while planning for a wedding, then starting at a new location within my new job…it was change after change after change! And while I hope there is considerably less change in 2012 I am excited about some changes I hope to have happen – my goals. Because I don’t make resolutions. What is a resolution, anyway? Goals are much more my style.

Get excited for my goals of 2012, coming soooooon!


Something Awesome Happened Today

OK a couple awesome things happened today. But the awesomest thing that happened is that I made up a recipe. No, not found a recipe and modified it, not substituted this ingredient for that ingredient, I made the whole thing up myself.

People, before this blog I was a follow-each-measurement-and-instruction-on-the-recipe TO THE LETTER girl. Half cup? I will fill that half cup exactly to the line before I pour it wherever it needs to go.

Once I started this blog suddenly I was freed! “Tablespoon? That sounds like too much, I think I’ll just do a couple teaspoons. Oh and maybe add some of this too that sounds good.” It was amazing! And today?? Today I took a giant step in the land of cooking. Here’s how it went down:

For a couple of weeks I’d been jones-ing for these spicy black bean burgers that my mom and I used to make when I was in high school. These things were the BOMB DIGGITY. Perfect level of spicy-ness and flavor. Unfortunately my mom couldn’t find the recipe and all the recipes I could find online just didn’t sound the same. The only things I remembered about the recipe was that it had green chilies in it and the burgers were rolled in cornmeal before they were cooked. And so I went to work, a little tentatively but confident that it would be good for me to try.

The result, approximately 20 minutes later? Pure Tasty-Deliciousness! Here’s how you replicate them, if you want. And you should. Sorry I didn’t take pictures, I was too busy eating them! I promise next time I will.

Abbey’s Spicy Black Bean Burgers

1 can black beans rinsed, drained, and mashed (I used a fork)
1/2 of a 7 oz can green chilies ( I used mild because that was the only option at the store)
2/3 c italian bread crumbs (I wanted to try oatmeal but I chickened out. Maybe next time)
1/2 c corn (I used frozen)
Approx 1/8 c. Mayonaise (I only used this because I didn’t have an egg, next time I will use an egg)
Sprinkle of each of the following: red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, garlic powder, minced onion
Cornmeal poured into a bowl

Drain beans and pour in a bowl, mash with a fork. Add the rest of the ingredients, taste and add more seasonings if needed. Form into patties (I made 3 large patties, because I like big burgers and I cannot lie). Put each pattie in the bowl with cornmeal, flip and cover both sides with the cornmeal. Saute patties in 1 Tbsp Olive oil for 5 minutes or so on each side until there is a nice crust.

O.M.G. SO GOOD. I ate all three burgers today 🙂 GREAT SUCCESS!

P.S. I also went for that nice run…It wasn’t as nice as I expected but it was pretty speedy, it was 7.5 miles, and there was a wretched headwind (tailwind? Which one blows you backwards and makes you feel like you are crawling?) for the last 2 miles.




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