Fails of the Week

So far I have started this new year off with a few too many fails.

FYI, Urban Dictionary has some pretty funny definitions of “fail”, if you’re not hip to what it means. My kids at work use it way too frequently so as much as I have resisted, it has made its way into my life.

Fail #1: Yoga Class. I went to a new yoga class on Sunday and it was a big fail. The only good thing was that it was a special promotion so it was free. I wasn’t a big fan of the teacher, we did wayyy too much meditation and not enough sweating, and Fail #2 happened, totally derailing my breath. In retrospect it was a fantastic opportunity to practice quieting my thoughts and all that other jazz but I just wasn’t in the mood.

Fail #2: Yoga Class. I need to preface this fail by saying that I never, NEVER bring my cell phone into class with me. Until Sunday. I brought it in because the bag I brought was just a little clutch and small enough to fit right behind my mat. I checked it literally 10 times before class to make sure it was on silent. TEN TIMES. What happens 20 minutes into class? My freaking alarm goes off. My alarm is not some cute ring tone. It is a blaring “WOH WOH WOH WOH …. WOH WOH WOH WOH” I was all into the breathing, down in my down dog when it happened. So embarrassing. I wanted to run out of class. I turned the alarm off and then spent the entire class wigged out that something was going to happen and my phone was going to make some other crazy sound. Blackberry why doesn’t silent mean SILENT??? Needless to say I will never be bringing my phone in again. Banned for life.

Fail #3: Yoga Class. Sensing a pattern here? This one really could have been much worse, but at my Sunday yoga class I was looking at the schedule of classes and I realized that I’ve been calling my yoga teacher the wrong name. Fortunately, I haven’t spoken directly to her exactly but here I’ve been raving about Lanie when my favorite yoga teacher is actually KIMBERLY. Kimberly! I’m so sorry! How did I do that? Even weirder that Lanie is actually another instructor at my yoga studio.

Fail #4: Pizza dough. OK this wasn’t a total fail, the homemade dough actually tasted really good and the pizza was killer. The shaping of the dough, that was another matter. I just couldn’t get it evenly thinned and rounded into a circle all perfect like. And I may have thrown a small hissy fit and shouted at Hubster when he tried to help because he “wasn’t doing it the right way”. Because clearly I knew what the right way was. Oops. Resolution #9. No yelling at Hubster when he’s just being nice and trying to help. Especially when he’s Italian and it involves matters of homemade pizza. They just know that stuff.

Fail #5: Morning Run Wuss Out. Yep. I saw the weather Monday night and it said “in the early morning, it will be 15 but it will feel closer to 0” and this southerner claimed defeat. I threw in the white flag. I texted my running buddies at 5:50 am and let them know that I just was not going out in that rediculously cold temperature at that hour. And yesterday, at 5:50 pm I was really wishing I’d just sucked it up and put on a couple layers (or 10). Even though that extra hour in the warm bed was kind of delicious. I came to a realization this morning when, again, I didn’t want to get out of my warm bed again…that bed is always going to be cozy and warm, but it will always be there for me to come back to the next night. Unfortunately I don’t think this will make it any easier to get out of bed.

Fail #6: Rice un-Cooker. Lesson of the day: You cannot use cold liquid when you use a rice cooker. At least I’m hoping that was the problem. I just tried cooking brown rice in my new rice cooker and it cooked for well over an hour (not supposed to happen) and it STILL wasn’t cooked when it beeped. I tried to be proactive a couple days ago and made some vegetable stock and refridgerated it. I’m thinking putting the cold liquid into the rice cooker messed it up somehow? I cooked white rice in it without any problems last week. Anyone?

Now, it may seem like I’m focusing on the negative here but really I’m just trying to find the joy in the things of the past week that haven’t quite worked out the way I wanted them to. Much better, Right? I think so.

Anyone else start the New Year off with a few fails? Don’t forget to find the joy in them 🙂

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