The Importance of Doing Nothing

I love reading other people’s blogs. That may sound a little creepy, but it’s the truth. It’s probably a combination of not having any really good friends in the same zip code (you know, the kind you can call up and say “hey, wanna go on a bike adventure to this restaurant for lunch?” and they’ll say excitedly “YES!”) and the fact that I find reading about other people’s dreams, successes, failures, goals, and funny stories very motivating for my own life. I’ve found that the sweat-addicted, fitness loving, adventuresome, nature/environment loving blogging crowd is an awesome group of people. So thank you, bloggers, for making my life better. Check out my blogroll for some of my favs.

Sometimes, it’s good to do nothing.

This was my realization of the day yesterday. I know, it’s certainly not earth-shattering, but I think it’s important for everyone me to remember that sometimes to be productive you have to have some down time. So often when I’m not working and have a rare weekend off I feel like I should be super-productive…power-cleaning our house (which needs it, for sure), running lots of errands, using every second of my time to do soemthing worthwhile. Then I end up relaxing and feeling guilty about it which totally defeats the purpose of relaxing in the first place, right? I realized shortly into what became a 2 hour nap/snuggle fest with Tessie on the couch that I happen to be a person that really needs this time to have the motivation and energy to do all those dishes, vacuum up all the dog hair, etc. etc. And even with that 2 hour relaxation I had time to go for an easy 4-mile run, vacuum the living room (including the couch), run a bunch of errands, go on a long walk with Tessie, and do the non-dishwasherable dishes. It seems to mimic the whole idea of the “recovery run”…you gotta go slow to go fast. No wonder I’m bad about running slow on recovery days.

I will pick the cute puppy picture EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Anyone else have trouble relaxing guilt-free?

I had a hankering for Chik-Fil-A today…

For about 5 seconds. I drove by it and thought “ooooh Chik Fil A” and then I thought “NO it’s the EGLGFG vegetarian challenge!” And then I went to Earthfare and bought some tasty veggies and a couple of Amy’s frozen kitchen treats…it’s gonna be a busy week. Dinner tonight? I whipped up some roasted acorn squash with stuffing and sauteed veggies (onion, spinach, mushroom). I really love me some edible bowls.

Ok ok, I've been lazy with the camera! I promise I'll have some for-real pictures next time...

I roasted the squash and then parfait-ed the veggies and stuffing…and lets be honest, had a couple extra spoonfuls of stuffing on the side because it is just so yummy yummy in my tummy 🙂

2012: The International Year of Sustainable Energy For All

So I took a trip to Mother Earth News today since I haven’t visited the site in over a week and I found this article: Twelve Steps for Going Green in 2012. Apparently the United Nations has named 2012 the international year of sustainable energy for all. Wow!  It made me feel pretty good to note that I’m already doing over half of the things on the list and the remainder are part of my goals for 2012! Oh, and P.S., while biking to work on Friday I decided I wanted to have one more goal for 2012: #10: Bike to work at least one day per week. Week 1: CHECK! AND in re-reading that post I realized that not only did it erase my last paragraph, it also erased goal #7 which was one of my most important goals!

#7: Do at least 5 things in the kitchen/around the home that previously intimidated me. Cooking a new recipe? Does not count. Starting a compost? Counts. Making pasta from scratch? Counts. Planting a garden? Counts. Get it? My first version was much better…dang you rookie blog-ness.

ANYWAY back to Mother Earth News and the 12 steps for going green. Interestingly step 12 is reducing your meat intake…EGLGFG veggie challenge may just have to be semi-annual! I found myself trying to imagine the impact that I will have by not eating meat for 2 weeks. It’s weird to think in such a broad, large spectrum, I wasn’t successful. I don’t always agree with every single thing I read in Mother Earth News but I think that’s a good thing – it’s important to read things you may not always agree with because it sparks thought. Try it sometime!

Today, I attempt to make my marathon training plan!

Alright folks, that’s the goal for the day…we’ll see how it goes! I’ve never created my own plan, I’m sure there will be LOTS of changes.  I’d like to run the Suntrust National half marathon, but I just learned that it’s been taken over by the Rock ‘n Roll series. I am not a fan of Rock ‘n Roll. Every race I’ve run before and after becoming a part of the RnR series I’ve enjoyed the BEFORE more than the AFTER. sad face :(. Plus they changed the race from a Sunday to a Saturday, making it more difficult for me to travel to. Double sad face.

So tell me, any good half marathons between mid March and mid April that I could use as a tune-up?

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Doing Nothing

    • Yeah the rock n roll half is the one I was thinking of, I did the full back in 2010. I’m definitely digging the thought of an NYC race though, my aunt lives there and its a good excuse to visit! I haven’t been in years.

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