Ban Stupid People, Not Pit Bulls

Well folks, it’s been a busy week.

On Sunday night I received a text from a friend with a plea for help from a dog in the Cleveland Kennel. He was set to be euthanized the next day unless he could find a foster home. Unfortunately, we couldn’t bring him home because he had shown signs of aggression with testing and they weren’t sure if this would improve or worsen once his health improved. They wanted him to go to a home without a dog. There were other dogs that needed to be saved from death row though, and some of them had tested very well with both humans and dogs! And so, on Monday morning Tessie and I  made a trip to the kennel where we met 3 possible foster dogs and when it was all said and done on Wednesday morning we brought home Lola, or as the kennel referred to her K143:

Sweet Lola Mae

Lola is labeled a 3 yo “pit mix”, I am certainly not an expert on the mutt variety but I would guess she has some American Staffordshire and Boxer in her. She gets along with Tessie wonderfully, she is very submissive, a little hesitant around adult men but she warms up quickly. If you are sitting on the couch and you start petting her face and head she slowly crawls up into your lap, it is just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. She’s met several dogs while on walks and has been friendly with all of them, big and small, male and female. My neighbor kids came over and she loved them as well. It’s so sad to think that she may have been euthanized if we hadn’t come to the rescue, she is such a wonderful dog. She doesn’t know very well how to walk on a leash or commands like sit and stay but we’re working on them and she’s learning from Tessie quickly, hopefully she won’t pick up any of the bad habits Tessie has 🙂

Hope for the 27

For those of you that don’t live in Cleveland, 3 days before Christmas twenty-seven pit bulls were rescued from a home in Cleveland that was used for dog-fighting. They think these dogs were used as bait dogs, and among other things found in the house were a treadmill with walls on it to keep the dogs from jumping off, a scale with traces of cocaine on it, and multiple syringes that they believe were used on the dogs. DISGUSTING. This man should be euthanized, not those poor dogs. Luckily, a judge agreed. Not on the euthanization of the man (darn) but on the non-euthanization of the dogs. You see, ALL TWENTY SEVEN dogs showed no signs of aggression. Now, I’m by no means a genius but if these dogs can be put through complete hell by a man and then show no signs of aggression towards people they are NOT, as they are often accused of being, horrible viscious dogs by nature.

Whether you live in/near Cleveland or not, PLEASE check out the Friends of the Cleveland Kennel webpage, there is a way for everyone to help out the 27 loves…15 of whom have already gone to rescues, fosters, or adopted families!

If you are willing to foster you can also check out the Cleveland Animal Control’s facebook page.

One of the 27 dogs rescued

It’s not the PitBulls, it’s the people.

I don’t claim to be an expert on dogs or dog behavior, because I am NOT.  Just like some people are psychopaths, some dogs are looney too. Dogs of ALL breeds. It could be from inbreeding, because some people choose not to spay or neuter their dog, for whatever reason. SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR DOG! PLEASE! Unfortunately some people (some might say some of these psychopaths we just discussed) have decided to work really hard to bring out the qualities in one breed of dog that are usually not expressed through violence. Generally they do it by abuse, neglect, and some might even say torture. And others, who may have good intentions, try to rescue a dog like this (or just a dog that’s naturally looney) and just aren’t good dog owners. Take the pit bull looking dog that attacked Tessie a couple of weeks ago, for instance. I do not blame him at all, I completely blame his owners. It could have been any type of dog, the owner didn’t even know her dog was outside. In an un-fenced yard. The dog could’ve been hit by a car, run away completely, or been attacked by one of those crazy 10-point bucks I’ve been seeing casually roaming the streets of our town. It took a full 2 minutes of me screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs for help for her to come out. That poor dog would’ve been done for or long gone if it chose to run out into the street. Stepping off my soap box now…

The Rest of my Week

Needless to say, after Wednesday morning the direction of my week changed a little bit. I was now home alone with not one but two dogs, one of whom has had a less than ideal past couple weeks and I had no clue how she would be: would she be potty-trained? would she have a large case of separation anxiety? is she a barker? would they get along as well as they did at the kennel? I canned my usual Thursday morning run with my neighbor to spend extra time with them, and sped home from work both nights so she spent as little time as possible in the crate as she adapted to our home.

This means I haven’t exercised aside from walks with them since yoga on wednesday morning, I’ve eaten Chipotle for dinner TWICE (veggie bowl!) and my fridge is starting to look like it’s going through a depression. BUT I’ve still stuck with my veggie challenge, and to be honest I haven’t really missed meat all that much…every once in a while I have a hankering for sushi or a nice hamburger, but otherwise it’s been a pretty un-remarkable week and a half. More on that another time 🙂

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