Why Twitter is Super Jazzy Cool

“@SpiceKAndB is now following you on Twitter!”

…Who?…This is the message I received on my phone last night. Let me preface the rest of this story by saying that I just joined Twitter in the fall, so this whole story is something that all you Tweetalicious-veterans are probably well aware of, but it just dawned on me, so I’m going to talk about it. Back to the story. I didn’t join Twitter to have a million followers, or to post witty quotes, or funny pictures. I joined so I could stalk all my favorite famous people, and I ain’t ashamed to admit it. OK maybe I am a little bit.

But then I started a blog, and it may have taken me a month or two but I realized I could post my blogs to Twitter! Ok that’s cool. OH! And I can also put a little widget on my blog page so people who read my blog can follow me on Twitter (and, vice-versa, I can follow all my fave bloggers)! Super exciting! Hooked.

My Tweet-citement went to a new level, last night, when @SpiceKAndB friended me (twittered me? What is the correct non-facebook term for this?). I, of course, did some investigation and found out that @SpiceKAndB is also known as Spice Kitchen + Bar, and is a restaurant on the west side of Cleveland (Holler West Side!!!) that sources local, from small family farms and even a garden behind their restaurant to serve seasonal dishes that I am assuming for all intensive purposes to be absolutely delicious. Be.Still.My.Heart.

Spice, thanks for Twittering me! I will be there ASAP to try your delicious foods (LOVE the menu design!).

I’m assuming they found my twitter through my blog? But how did they pounce upon my little meager blog? Well then I realized that I somehow missed Growhio giving me a shout out for my previous blog post via Twitter! And THAT is pretty super jazzy cool. PS Growhio? I’m definitely starting a compost this year. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I’m glad you provide awesome directions for doing so! And I had no idea that you could potentially have chickens in the ‘burbs??? I would love to have 3 or 4 heirloom chickens laying us some nice tasty eggs! Looking into this.

I say all of that to emphasize what a powerful tool Twitter can be. I had no idea. From just these 3 actions look at what we’ve learned:

  • Spice Kitchen + Bar will be having Abbey Spiro as an excited Dinner Guest at some point very soon. She will definitely bring a guest.
  • Growhio.org is hopefully getting a little more love after my blog post. It will definitely be getting lots of love from me from now on as I prepare to have a raging garden this year and incorporate composting into my life (and maybe some chickens?!) that is for certain.
  • I may have heirloom chickens and never buy eggs again (and hubster may kill me when he finds out I’m putting a chicken coop in the backyard)
  • Today, thanks to Growhio, I learned that 90% of all food in supermarkets contains wheat, corn, or soybeans. Yikes.
  • Spice K+B also has a blog! http://www.thespiceblog.com …it has fun posts with everything from Q & A with the chef to help on how to plant garlic. I reallllllllllly wanted to plant garlic last year but alas, I chickened out. NOT THIS YEAR!

Alright, someone else has to have a cool Twitter story? Anyone? Or am I just a big nerd?

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