Good Bye Karhus…


For whatever reason that blister from a month ago returned with a vengeance on Friday. Perfect, the day before a scheduled 12-miler. I gutted it out through the long run and actually was feeling pretty good with 2 non-running days to let the thing heal. Tuesday’s run wasn’t too terribly bad and I thought I might be out of the woods until Wednesday. Wednesday was a 7 miler with Marathon Pace run for 5 miles (supposed to be, I ended up running a solid 15 seconds faster than MP…I have no clue of pace right now).  Right away I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. I could feel that blasted blister every single step. ouchie ouchie ouchie! And then, after wincing for 3 miles, it got…better? I know from my years of gymnastics (can you say hand rips?) that that meant it was probably because it was bleeding and the blood was lubricating the area, but I had NO IDEA the massacre I was going to find when I actually stopped after 5 miles (in 39:47).

Holy bageezus I had bloody foam coming out the back of my shoe. Bloody foam? Blood foams? What am I, rabid? Ahh the thoughts of the oxygen-deprived brain. But seriously, I wish I carried my cell phone when I ran so I could have snapped a bizarre picture of the whip cream-like blood coming out the back of my shoe. I hobbled the “cool down mile” home and when I removed the shoe? Blood literally dripped out. I have a beautiful picture to prove it but I can’t find my camera cord. I’m sure you’re all very sad about this.

And so, after much debate, I’ve decided to retire the Karhus.

Sorry girls. I’m hoping to grab the wave-rider 15’s but I may go for whatever has the shallowest heel cup, for my dear achilles. The good news is this means another shoe review! The bad news is this means I’m down a Benjamin a solid month before I should be. But I think it’s worth getting rid of this blister!

This is why I want to buy a Subaru:

How can you not want a Subaru after that commercial??? Love.

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

I started the book finally! I’m barely through the first chapter and I already feel like it should be a must-read for high-schoolers. Thus far it’s one of those books that you need to read 3 or 4 times to fully understand everything, but I’m just trying to get through it once. So far, just a teeny tiny way into the book, these are some thoughts I’ve had, in no particular order:

  • I am almost unable to process the fact that almost everything in the modern grocery store boils down to corn. The scary part of this for me is that it could be genetically modified corn, which we don’t know the effects of because someone is in with the government and won’t allow any testing to be done.
  • Even if you are try to eat whole foods, clean foods, it is very difficult to do this all the time. Especially with all the time-friendly options that we have now-adays. Which are all packed with…you guessed it…genetically modified corn. Or soy. I’m only in the corn chapter but I hope he touches on soy because I think we have a real soy problem in this country, and a lot of people think it’s totally healthy to eat massive amounts of soy.
  • Everytime I get really frustrated with all the extra time I spend researching about what certain terms can actually mean, or reading ingredients on packaging to see if there’s anything I can’t pronounce, or feeling like my measly little decisions aren’t going to make one iota of a difference, I try to cling to the hope that my food purchases really do have “political” influence too. Unfortunately I don’t think a congress that is dumb/lazy/selfish enough to consider pizza a vegetable is going to make the changes necessary to make our industrial food situation any better.

Until Next Time…

2 thoughts on “Good Bye Karhus…

  1. First of all, GROSS and OUCH. Secondly, have you seen the Subaru commercial about some dog friends going camping? Thirdly, there is also an Omnivore’s Dilemma for Young Readers, which I read, which is much easier to get through when trying to digest the info for the first time. And lastly, most importantly, I love reading your blog!

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