On Running Without a Garmin

Alternative titles for this post: “My new favorite shoes” or “All work and no play means no blog post” or “When Cycle-commuting bites you in the ass” or the longer but equally accurate “Pictures that were supposed to go in other posts but are going in this one because I finally found my camera cord.”

Word of warning: This post is all over the place. That’s what happens, apparently, when you don’t write for over a week. Or maybe all my posts are all over the place and this one is just really bad. You can be the judge, or choose not to read it, that is the beauty of a  blog 🙂

Update on The Omnivore’s Dilemma: I haven’t read a lick of it since I last wrote. My bad, blog peeps, my bad. I’ve just been a little busy and it’s not a book to read when you get home from work and have fried brains.

Picture of the Day: Just found this on Facebook and it needed a home on my blog.

I have a lot of go-to running blogs that I read, of some super speedy runners, and most of them wear GARMINS when they run.

I, personally, would love to own a Garmin, but at the end of the day there’s just a lot of other stuff that I’d rather spend $200+ on than a watch that I most likely will not have the patience to figure out how to use. I’m finding as I get older I’m getting significantly less tech-savvy. This is NOT a good thing.

In lieu of the almighty Garmin I use the good ol’ gmap-pedometer + watch method. I prefer gmap-pedometer vs. mapmyrun.com, anyone else a gmap fan? It’s obviously superior. Garmin runs produce pretty little blog-friendly splits that I would love to insert into my blog. My splits are random, whatever intersection I feel like pressing the lap button on my watch. Generally intersections are chosen by that which I am most likely to remember in my post-run haze. Often I track my runs after I get back and say “ok self, did you push the lap button here or .17 mi. up at this intersection? Crap self, I don’t remember. I don’t even really remember being on that road.” (Hello epilepsy, perhaps?) For instance, on my last long run my splits were at miles 5.23, 8.3, 10.84, 12.12, 13.68, and the end, 14.64

This method does take a bit of planning, especially when it comes to tempo runs. I agree it would be nice to know exact mile splits, but I get the idea every run if I am running negative splits or going out too fast. The place I could really benefit from having a Garmin, I think, is actually in the recovery run department. And the long run for that matter. Both of which I seem to run too fast (case in point being my 8:36 min/mile avg for the 14.62 mi long run this weekend). The only time I run these as slow as I am supposed to is if I’m running with someone. Sue me.

Sometimes I don’t even run with a watch. I’ve been trying to do this when I’m supposed to be running slower. I’m not sure if it works because I don’t know how fast I’m running…double edged sword? It seems to work for me 🙂

my my my my my {new} boogie shoes…

Yep, I got new shoes. Giant smiley face. As you all know I was dead set on the wave rider 15’s to replace the killer karhus that produced this bloodfest:


Imagine my sadness when my go-to shoe store (Second Sole) was out of my size. I could’ve ordered them and waited a week or so, but I wanted to be able to run pain free NOW. So I explained my predicament and asked them if they had any shoes they suggested with a low profile. He brought out a few, and among them were the New Balance 880s. I have never worn NBs, and honestly never saw myself running in them. But the shoes were cute enough (obviously a very important factor) so I tried them on…

Thank you, New Balance, for making a shoe that does not hug the achilles.

PURE BLISS. These shoes don’t even touch my achilles! Love love love love. I have never bought a pair of shoes solely based on how high they go up on my achilles, but from now on it will definitely be a large contributing factor. Lesson I learned? shoe reviews should all be taken with a grain of salt because everyone’s feet are different and we all need different things. The most important factor in researching for and buying a good running shoe is knowing your own feet and your own needs. Learn what your feet need and you’ll be much better prepared than you will reading Runner’s World’s latest greatest reviews.

The Story of the Cycle Commute from Hell

OK it wasn’t really that bad, but it makes for a good title. I made a pretty rookie mistake the other day: When I’ve been cycle-commuting I haven’t been bringing supplies for if I get a flat tire because, well, I only work 2 miles from home and frankly with the lack of skill I have in changing a tire tube it would probably take me less time to walk home than it would to sit on the side of the road and change the darn thing.  The scenario I didn’t work out is if the tire went flat on the way in and I had time (7 hours) to change said tire before biking home. I’m not sure when or how it happened, but sometime between arriving at work at 2:30pm and leaving work at 9:15 pm after the worlds longest girls basketball game my front tire went flat. It did this, of course, on a night when hubster was out of town and I didn’t realize it until I started wheeling my bike out the door. “fwap fwap fwap fwap” “What is that sound?” my poor fatigued and hungry brain took a good 30 seconds to realize that I wouldn’t be riding my bike home. After running through the possible options quickly – Go inside and ask someone that lives near me? No. Call a cab? No. Call neighbors? Yes but they aren’t home. Walk home? GO. And so I speed-walked my bike, hoping no one I knew drove by, the 2 miles home. It was super fun. And yes, my tire is still flat and no, I haven’t gone to buy a new (and an extra) tire tube yet. Cycle commute mileage count is on hold for the moment. Which is fine seeing as how there is now 4 inches of snow on the ground.

Lola has left the building…

Sad face/Happy face. Our wonderfully awesome foster dog Lola is spending the night tonight at her potential new forever home. If it goes well she will stay there with her new family forever! We will miss her lots and lots, but the wonderful thing about fostering is that you can always do it again. I’ll keep you updated on if she’s found her new family.

We will miss you Lola Bean!

Pictures from former Blog Posts

So I found my camera cord…Here are some of the gems that should have been in previous posts…

The Roasted Veggies I made a couple weeks ago, with the beets that gave me beeturia

The amaryllis my Great Aunt gave us for Christmas finally bloomed...I never talked about it in a post, but dang it's pretty!

The items involved in devising my current marathon training plan...a mesh of many different plans and my basic knowledge of training principles

One thought on “On Running Without a Garmin

  1. I have a Garmin and don’t love it. I really only like it for long runs so I don’t have to plan out my exact route beforehand. I use a regular Timex otherwise.

    I also have the believe I am training journal. I love it!

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