You might have mail…or you might not…

So it’s been quite a week…

It’s been a busy, bullet-point list-worthy week, so here are some of the things that happened this week:

  • I sold my first item on Etsy. And then I sold my second item on Etsy! My shop is called “The Dog’s Woof“. Like the cat’s meow, but better, get it? It’s cheesy, I know, I inherited my father’s cheesiness. But I like it 🙂 Check it out! It’s in its infancy so keep checking, I’m working on some new projects that will hopefully be pretty cool.
  • Hubster and I got rid of our blackberries and went “basic” phone on everyone… I completely forgot how to T9 word for the life of me! I may or may not have sent multiple texts with the word “go” instead of “in” and the word “home” instead of “good”. Of all the functions on the Blackberry I think I want the full keyboard back the most!!! More on my blackberry withdrawal later.

    Bye Bye Blackberry, Hello...Samsung.

  • Lola Bean found her forever home! It’s definitely been quieter in the house without her, and the bed is a little less warm without her snuggly body but I am surprisingly only happy for her to have found a family, and not sad for myself. Tessie has gotten into a little more trouble lately, having a second dog is really good for her I think…trying to convince hubster to get another foster. 🙂
  • Our TV broke. OK technology gods, it was a big step for me to forego internet on my phone, now you’re taking my TV away too???? NOT COOL. Surprisingly, I haven’t missed it that much. I’m more pissed that we’re paying $xxx this month for cable that we’re only able to watch on a little 19″ tv in our room that still has a vcr attached to it. The biggest problem with that TV is that it doesn’t have the dvr box attached. I only am able to watch so much good tv because of dvr, but I did manage to watch the new episode of NCIS on last night. Thanks cbs!
  • I did not read one word of the Omnivore’s Dilemma…Again. Ok so this project has been a huge FAIL. My bad. Maybe I’ll take my mom’s advice and pick up the young adult/children’s version of it.

And finally, the moment that absolutely made my day, week, and the next 10 years (minus the days I pay the monthly bill)

  • WE BOUGHT A NEW CAR! So in one week I accomplished THREE, yes THREE of my New Year’s Goals. Pretty darn successful if you ask me!  Did I mention that it is my dream car, the 2012 Subaru Outback Limited Edition? Wham Bam Thank you Ma’am I will be cruising the short 2 mile drive to work every day in style. I will also be paying for it every month. But I’m pretty excited to do both things and PLUS I get a super duper visit from my padre when he comes to pick up the other car. Winning!

Some other random facts and thoughts to round out this post: (that weren’t good enough for bullet points)

Running has been going awesome. I’ve felt great all week and am pumped for my 16 miler this weekend. I still haven’t actually signed up for the marathon yet, I have commitment issues when it comes to signing up for marathons. I think I don’t want to jinx myself.

Not getting email to my phone has been an adjustment with a capital A.  What? I actually have to check my email on the COMPUTER regularly now? Ughhhhhhh. Actually I enjoy not constantly getting emails to my phone, but I have had to remind myself to actually check my email. I am a little less in touch with the world right now and that actually feels quite good. I mean who really needs to read and answer their emails IMMEDIATELY? Some people do for work, but I do not.

Also getting used to not being able to check Twitter and or Facebook at unhealthily short intervals. Waiting to be called back at the doctors? Sorry, no more entertainment via twitter or facebook. Bored at work? You can no longer check on Tosh.O’s latest greatest tweets. Yeah, there have been several times I’ve instinctively reached for my phone only to be let down a little and throw it back in my bag. But it’s good for me, and it’s definitely freeing.

I had a total baking FAIL this week. Hubster found this great recipe on so I tried it monday night…TOTAL BUST. It was all crumbly and wouldn’t hold together AT ALL in cookie form so I tried baking it as one giant cookie…also a bust. Threw away the whole thing. Anyone else wanna try and make it and see what I did wrong?

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “You might have mail…or you might not…

  1. I read more about the recipe and will try 1/2 to experiment with. I sounds like the perfect cookie if you can make it work.

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