The reality of the situation

So apparently when I said I was going to write twice a week I meant I’ll write once every TWO weeks. Whoops. C’est La Vie. And that’s exactly what happened – life. I have had a rough couple of weeks of not feeling well, being super stressed out, and then this past weekend a weekend of rejuvenation in heaven aka at home in NC for my best friend’s wedding. The saddest part about this is that for the past two weeks I’ve had a post almost entirely written, just waiting for the finishing touches (i.e pictures, headlines, and one final paragraph).

Blog Failure.

But I’m back now, so without further ado, here is what I wrote roughly a week and a half ago, for your reading pleasure:

Every week I make a goal to make a weekly menu/grocery shopping list and do all my shopping for all the meals in one day. Like last week and the week before that, it didn’t happen this weekend. And because of that, we had chinese food for dinner Sunday night.

It was either that or beenie weenie’s without the beenies. You see, as much as I yearn to make 90% of all my purchases from the farmer’s market, to only eat properly sourced food, to save money by making as many home cooked meals as possible, I am human. And this is still a journey. And on Sunday going to the grocery store just was not a priority (I did, however, make homemade bread again. It was a success in case you were wondering).

Instead, I went on a scenic bike ride with some new people and then relaxed/made bread/cleaned my bike. I will say that the place we get Chinese food from is delicious and actually seems to use pretty high quality ingredients (no MSG, fresh veggies, all white-meat chicken, etc) but I guarantee that their peppers did not come from the farmer’s market, nor is their chicken grass fed. But my favorite lesson from my mother is “Everything in Moderation”, and thus, here are the top 5 things that do not fit in with what I’m trying to do that I will continue to enjoy every once in a while:

  1. Chik-Fil-A. Regardless of their opinions on anything, they make a delicious chicken sandwich. And their waffle fries? YUM.
  2. Heinen’s Chorizo Dip. This stuff probably has 85 grams of saturated fat per serving, but that shizz is tasty! P.S. Heinen’s is an Ohio grocery store. High quality stuff, this dip comes in their premade dips department, just heat for 20 minutes and enjoy!
  3. Angelo’s Pizza. Best. Pizza. Ever. Period. Tasty greasy delicious thick crust, tomato sauce with what I”m sure is plenty o high fructose corn syrup, toppings to die for.

Hmmm, to be honest, I’m having trouble coming up with 5 things. Every time I think of something my next thought is “but I bet I could make that just as good”. I think that’s what they call progress folks! A wonderful development that I’ve noticed taking place is that the less fast crap food I eat the more I crave tasty, wholesome, home cooked goodness over said fast food. But those three things? Yeah I’ll always eat those.

A Sunday Bike Ride

I also branched out Sunday and met up with some complete strangers for a scenic bike ride out in the country. We rode out to Szalay’s sweet corn farm where they have this neat little market and you can buy grilled corn on the cob to eat right there. Pretty delicious! Aside from the tasty fresh corn the outing was OK, just OK. The other riders were super nice, they just weren’t really in my age group or intensity level. I like to hurt when I ride, for lack of better words, and this was a little too leisurely for me. It’s hard to meet new people, and it’s especially hard to meet new people with whom to exercise. Or maybe it’s just me…but I’m going to keep trying, because I really love cycling on the road. It’s so invigorating and freeing and wonderful!

A Meal Plan…A Couple Days Late

So on Monday I did sit down and I DID plan out meals for the week and then after work Monday afternoon I went to the store and bought EVERYTHING for dinners for the rest of the week. This basically makes lunches too because Hubster and I usually cook for 6, eat for 4, and then have enough left over for lunch the next day. It’s not a bad plan, really! Anyway, I bought premium (read: organic) ingredients and only spent $90…and I had to buy a several spices, which are like $800 dollars an ounce or something. Who knew celery salt was so pricey??? I was so pumped when I got home you have NO idea. It dawned on me that it was a little sad how excited I was about planning ahead for once.

And there you have it folks, wasn’t it worth waiting for two weeks for those lovely 500-odd words? I’m sure you got a lot out of it. This week? Well coming out of a trip home and being gone all weekend I have neither meals planned nor farmer’s market produce bought. I do have some awesome green, purple, and white peppers from Briarwood Farm (aka my home) though!

Fun Fact: When cooked, purple peppers turn green. WHO KNEW???

I promise post #2 of this week will happen be more interesting most likely show up and may even be a good read…

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