The end of Gluten?

Well, I saw the GI-Guy on Wednesday. He may not have been as hot as I’d hoped, but he was super smart and extremely nice and I’m a big fan! He also thought my symptoms sounded suspiciously like celiac, so today I got an endoscopy and biopsy to find out for sure.

Between Wednesday and today I did what any rational person who’s felt sick for a month would do…I ate every one of my favorite gluten filled foods, capping it off last night with my very favorite pizza from Angelo’s pizza. Consequently, or maybe totally unrelated, my stomach was killing me by last night, but I still ate 3 very tasty slices of delicious pizza.

I was a little nervous about this procedure. I mean, they stuck a tube down my throat and all the way through my stomach and then taking multiple little chunks out of my small intestine. Yikes! I couldn’t help but think of the Magic School Bus and Ms. Frizzle. What did she always say? “let’s get messy!” or am I making that up? Something like that.

Oh, the memories from my childhood. This book, obviously, not riding through someone’s stomach on a bus.

Anyway, it couldn’t have been LESS scary. Quite honestly, I remember talking to super friendly Dr. GI-Guy, and then I remember waking up in a recovery room with Hubster sitting next to me. I vaguely remember Dr. GI-Guy coming in and telling us what he found and giving us some pictures but then it was just a haze of falling in and out of sleep for who knows how long until they said “OK are you ready to go?”

The nurse brought in a wheelchair and asked if I needed it. “nah, I’ll be fine.”… cue trying to sit up and stand for all of 3 seconds…”Actually, I think I need that wheel chair”. It was hilarious in my own mind, I can’t imagine what Hubster was thinking. After we made it to the parking garage we said good-bye to the trusty wheelchair and I stumbled walked the short distance to the car.

If you’re wondering what the verdict was it was … drumroll please … inconclusive. He did find “scalloping” but apparently this neither rules Celiac out or in. He said basically we just have to wait and see what the biopsy results are and that there’s about a 50-50 shot either way.

Starting today I am going to try eating gluten free since all my testing is over and I’m basically just waiting until Wednesday’s results, but I haven’t spent much time thinking about how my life will change if I do have celiac. The thing that I think will most affect me is that eating out, which I enjoy doing very, VERY much, will now become a bit lot more complicated.

In other news…

I attempted a “speed” workout yesterday.

It was not very speedy.

Nor was it very long.

But I still got that accomplished feeling at the end.

I also got the “I really need to re-vamp my training paces/estimated race pace” feeling.

Here is the gist: 1 mile each warm up and cool down sandwiched on either end of a 2 x 1 mile at {goal pace} 7:40 with 1/2 mile recovery.

I foregoed (is that a word? or did my post-endoscopy-haze mind create that one?) the track and just mapped out a mile on a conveniently track shaped road that is conveniently a mile from my house (when run to in a totally out-of-the-way fashion). I didn’t have the quarter or half miles mapped out previously so I was pretty much running completely blind pace-wise. (For new-readers, I do not have a fancy Garmin like every other runner on the planet. Timex and for me) I’m still trying to decide if this was a good idea or not. I’m leaning towards not. I knew approximatelywhere the half-ish point was but when I passed it in 4:15, almost dying already, I about threw in the towel. My oxygen-deprived brain screamed “No! That’s like an 8:30 mile! I cannot be this out of shape! Maybe it’s more than half way…Oh my God I’m going to die! This is the longest seven minutes of my life!” But I hung in there, despite almost throwing in the towel 4 more times in the course of what I learned was definitely LESS than the second half mile. As I crossed the “mile marker” I hit the stop button and assumed the dying runner position (see below.).

“I don’t even want to look at my watch”

The verdict? 7:42. Damn I’m good. Granted it was a much harder 7:42 than it should have been but by the end I was honestly going to be happy with 8. Which was good because even though I passed the just-slightly-more-than-halfway point in the same time on the second repeat I finished in a sweltering 7:54. That, my friends, is proof to me that I need to slightly increase all the times on my training runs, and that my WHOPPING two mile tempo (does that even count as a tempo???) is probably going to need to be run at a little slower than an 8:01 pace. Sad face.

On the food front…

Not much fun food experimenting or farmer’s market galavanting has been going on lately, I’m sad to report. Mostly I’ve been so exhausted by the time I get home that Hubster has been doing most of the cooking. He’s so awesome. But, on the bright side, if I do have Celiac disease we can all look forward to some experimentation in the kitchen! Bring on the Buckwheat flour!!!.

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