Yes folks, I have some very exciting news. As y’all know, I have epilepsy. As you may not know, November just happens to be Epilepsy Awareness Month! (Yay! Yippee! We all love Epilepsy!…not really!) On November 18th, I will be running the Philadelphia Half Marathon for TEAM ETP (Epilepsy Therapy Project)! I am very, VERY excited to be supporting a cause so near and dear to my heart – and my head. The Epilepsy Therapy Project is a non profit organization that helps fund research and turn it into new therapies for people suffering from epilepsy, specifically for those who have seizures that are uncontrolled. There isn’t a lot of funding out there for epilepsy research and a lot of pharmaceutical companies have decreased their epilepsy therapy programs, so organizations like this are SUPER important for us epileptics.

Last year, I shared my epilepsy story during National Epilepsy Awareness Month (or NEAM, as I like to call it). This year for NEAM I’ll be running for the people who’s stories aren’t as happy as mine. I’m running for all the people out there who are unable to run because they haven’t found a therapy that controls their seizures, the people that can’t afford the medication that does control their seizures, and the people who have been permanently affected because they’ve suffered so many seizures. 

Here is a link to my donation page, where you can donate if you feel strongly about the cause! Every little bit counts.

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