Quote-able Quednesday

Yes, that is supposed to be a play on words since no day of the week starts with a “Q”. This has been written since Friday but then it was Saturday, then it was Sunday and I wrote a different post and then I figured it was almost Wednesday so I may as well just wait. I started writing it on Monday, and then, for some reason, my computer just stopped turning on on Tuesday. I say for “some” reason, but really I think it’s for 1 of 2 possible reasons – either my power cord finally lost power after hanging by a most-likely-flammable-thread post puppy chewing approximately 6 months ago OR my battery, which has not been working without an external power source for almost a year, finally went kaput. Either way, I’m on Hubster’s computer now and mine will hopefully be up and running as soon as I get a new power cord and battery… Also this post will be picture-less as this computer says I need to update silverlight and I’m scared to do so…? Maybe I’ll try, who knows…

But back to Quote-able Quednesday… When I wrote about Jocelyn’s quote in my (second to) last post, I realized how much I missed these helpful daily doses of motivation from my college gymnastics years. My last two years of college were my most mentally tough years as an athlete, and really as a human being. My mind was almost unshakeable when I actually used it properly and I had figured out how to control it and what my cues were that made me a successful gymnast. I really think that my drive, my focus, and my mental toughness were due in large part to these quotes, so I’m bringin’ ’em back! My goal is to share and discuss a quote every Wednesday. Mostly it will be how it relates to my life at the current moment but I’ll try to make things applicable to anyone. Luckily, every year at the end of the year we would get a copy of ALL the quotes used that year, so I have 3 notebooks full of ammo.

I can still remember which quotes were mine, and with some of the quotes (not just mine, but my teammates’ as well) I can remember what we were going through as a team when that quote was shared. This from a girl who generally can’t remember when she scheduled her oil change for (ahem, this morning, ahem.) So, without further ado, today’s quote:

“The irony of commitment is that it is deeply LIBERATING. The act frees you from the TYRANNY of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around in the form of RATIONAL HESITATION. To COMMIT is to remove your head as the barrier to your life.”

You’ll never guess where I found this quote, which I used during my senior year…a Starbuck’s coffee cup. Who knew such deep thought hung out on expensive cardboard!? There was no author associated with the quote so I’ll just thank my non-fat vanilla latte for some stellar mental gymnastics.

I don’t think I’m very good at putting thoughts into words but are my takeaways as they apply to my life now. I actually think they are pretty similar to how I applied it to the throws of gymnastics season as well.

One of the few pics I have of me “in action” …circa 2006. This was my favorite college leo until my senior year when we got these AWESOME velvet leos with a giant G on the front and a giant W on the back. I think I was the only one who thought they were cool… But this leo, this leo was super duper comfy. That was my requirement for liking a leo.

  1. The single most important thing you can do is to fully commit to your goals(s) or purpose. This allows you to stop thinking about the what-ifs and focus solely on acheiving said goal. i.e. if you are fully committed to running a x:xx:xx half marathon you don’t think about how you might not make it if this or that or this happens…you just focus on and do what is neccessary to make it happen.
  2. Find the right things to commit to. I used to live by the motto “perform with passion but without emotion”. I coined that phrase and I’m proud of it. It helped me through many a routine, but can be applied to pretty much anything in life. Sometimes, you have to remove the emotion. It seems that every time I focus on how much I care about doing well on a particular thing, or doing something perfect, I screw it up. But when I focus on small tasks at hand that add up to what I want to accomplish and I take out the emotion of it all I succeed. I have to commit to small little steps rather than just say “I want to do this”. i.e. focusing on your race plan for the one mile you’re currently running, not on how bad you want that PR.
  3. Sometimes, being mentally tough is removing your brain from the situation and “just doing”…and sometimes that is the most difficult thing for us over-thinkers to do. That is the definition of “committing”. Once you fully commit to something, there’s no more “thinking about it”, you simply DO.

That’s the end of Quote-able Quednesday, now I’ll just finish up with some

Gluten Free Things I’m Loving Right Now

Since I did, in fact, use to have tasty recipes on here every once in a while. These aren’t so much recipes as they are “items of food”, but we’re making baby steps…

  1. Mizuno Wave Rider 15’s. I know, these aren’t even food, but that’s how much I love them. I also know that I’m late to the party and the 16’s are probably coming out soon but I LOVE THESE SHOES!!!!! I have been somewhat of a shoe nomad over the years but I always seem to come back to the Wave Rider’s. I don’t think I’m going to stray again. These babies are here to stay!!! It’s like running on little speedy clouds that just let me float along the pavement. Oh, AND my weird 4th toe pain has stopped since I switched into these!
  2. Brown Cow Cream on Top Yogurt – Maple flavored. From middle school through college I avoided fat like the plague. I ate fat free yogurt, fat free cheese, spray butter (EW!!!) …if a product had a fat free version I bought it. Slowly, I got better about that, went a little too far over the deep end (convincing myself that chik-fil-a was healthy) and then with the birth of this blog found my chi. Now, I eat full fat EVERYTHING  and stay away from processed foods as much as I can. In my fridge is whole milk (but from Hartzler dairy farm, so the BEST milk), pasture grazed cheese, and lately, a lot of Brown Cow yogurt. This stuff is DELISH, creamy, and gluten free! It’s a great mid afternoon snack, or for non-gluten-freers would be great with some granola on top!
  3. Grits+Eggs+Cheese.This is my favorite breakfast to have on mornings that I have time to cook. I am a southern girl, so I already loved grits. In the south you can actually find shirts that say G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Raised In The South). I secretly sort of always wanted one even though I knew they were totally uncool.  Anyway, I make the grits and add some sharp cheddar cheese, then fry up some eggs and pour them on top. I haven’t figured out a way to cook the eggs so they still have runny yolks after I mix them with the grits, the hot grits always cook the yolk. Oh well, still tasty!

    Gotta love the South.

  4. Picky Bars. I know, I’ve talked about these puppies before, but they are just so tasty AND life-saving! One of my athletes can’t have dairy and she was eating a lara bar this week. Disgusted, she threw it in the mud. I handed her a Picky Bar…Hooked! I’ve had several days already where I’ve been out at a luncheon or something and they are not serving G-Free fare…I always have a Picky Bar in my purse to come to the rescue! Plus they’re fantastic for pre-workout when you, like me, realize 15 minutes before you run that you haven’t eaten and need a snack.
  5. Immaculate Baking Company. Hubster and I have tried BOTH the chocolate chip cookies and the brownie chocolate chip cookies. They come in a pack of 12 break and bake type cookies

    Oh so tasty. Oh so gluten free.

  6. Amy’s Frozen Entrees. Sometimes, you just need something quick. Amy’s mexican entrees are scumdiddlyumptious and they are ready in like 5 minutes. They’re a little pricey and I usually have to add cheese (I like cheese) but they sure beat any of the other frozen dishes out there, and most of them are gluten free! By the way, somehow one time when Hubster was out of town I found this company on the “how they made their millions” show or it might have been just called “how it’s made”. Anyway, it was a really good show and the couple who made these up (and named it after their daughter) is super cool, literally have millions of dollars but still run their company the right way and don’t like in a stupidly large home and are just good people in general. Yeah, I’ll pay $4.59 an entree for that!

Are you G-free? What are your favorite gluten free finds? Or are you Gluten-full and proud of it? If so, please have a biscuit (or 3) for me 🙂 I’ve been craving one.

2 thoughts on “Quote-able Quednesday

    • Thanks! I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with it and even happier that telling it to myself actually worked! Rare moments for me 🙂 love the “let it happen” thing too!

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