TRX + my first Nuun experience

Well, the blog is going through some serious growing pains lately…Thanks for bearing with the new look every week, mom. I’m trying to get it to something I actually enjoy looking at, since up until this point I’ve kind of just been ignoring the layout. I’ve even toyed around with a name change but I’m still on the fence.

This post is mostly brought to you by pen+paper. Seriously. Both the computers in our house have been on the fritz and I just finally got mine working again. But I had a lot of thoughts in my head over the course of last week and into the weekend so I literally wrote my entire post the old-fashioned way, in my cute little owl notebook. Now that I re-read it though, I realize most of it is stupid and not really worthy of typing up.

Also, my handwriting has totally taken a nose dive since college.

Sloppy sloppy sloppy!

Other than the chicken scratch though, I must say I actually enjoyed writing things down instead of just typing them. I remember why I used to journal every night. Writing thoughts down and seeing them on the pages makes things more clear, and it helps me release them. My dad has been known to say “Give it to the universe” when I talk to him about stuff I’m stressing over that I can’t really do anything about. I think that’s similar to the feeling I get when I write things down, I feel like I’m giving them to the universe and letting them go. I’ve been writing in my Believe-I-Am journal but it’s mostly been factual stuff or little notes to myself, motivating quotes, etc. Maybe that needs to change.

Note to self: Journal more.

So last Wednesday I went to my first TRX class.

I’d been wanting to try it out for a while now, and I was excited to see what it was all about.

Oh. My. God.

I left the class feeling awesomely fatigued. It was clear to me how weak I’ve gotten since my gymnastics days, not that I was really under any illusions prior to the 45 minutes of core/arm/dash-o-legs workout. As I drove home I was acutely aware of the total body fatigue that I hadn’t felt since my senior year of college. I loved that feeling and it’s something I’ve missed post-gymnastics. Running is the only thing that comes close to replacing that body fatigue…until TRX.

Then I woke up on Thursday.

Ouchie Ouchie Ouchie!!! Holy DOMS! (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). DOMS here, DOMS there, DOMS freaking everywhere – in my biceps, in my triceps, in my glutes, even in my abs. It was awesome. And painful. Awesomely painful. The masochistic side of me just loves that feeling. I know, I’m weird.

The ropes of pain…and strength…and strength is good.

                                                                                                     Photo courtesy of

So basically I’m a fan of the deadly ropes. They make me feel strong and weak all at the same time. But mostly strong, and I like feeling strong.

Thursday I took as a rest day and did absolutely nothing to alleviate my sore muscles – no icing, no heating, no stretching, nada. I employed some retail therapy, buying a new Oiselle outfit and heading to my fave local running store to buy some Nuun and see what all this fuss was about. As we all know, I love reading blogs almost more than I enjoy blogging and for months I’ve been reading about this mysterious product called Nuun. Everyone loves these little magic tablets that you drop in your water and let them transform your running life. I especially loved reading about Hood to Coast Nuun-style, and I was secretly totally jealous of all those runners.

But back to me. And my first Nuun Experience.

I’ve been a heavy sweater since oh, like, forever. So hydration has always been key for me. I rarely skip a water station in a race longer than a 10k and generally take both a water and a gatorade/powerade/accelerade. I also think I’m a pretty salty sweater – even on long runs in the dead of winter I’ll arrive home with salt lines on my face and a soaked sports bra. So what Nuun has to offer – the ability to hydrate separate from your fuel – was quite appealing to me. In all honesty I usually enjoy consuming energy (calories) on long runs in the liquid form because I feel like they digest better and it kills two birds with one stone. But I also like options. And sometimes, you sweat a lot when you’re not running far or long.

This is not a picture of sweating. This is a picture of the real “down dog” position. And anytime I go to do yoga at home this is where my sweet puppy dog chooses to practice her own down dogs. Right. In. My. Way.

I decided on the pink “strawberry lemonade” flavor because “kona cola” and “banana” both scared me a little too much and I envisioned strawberry lemonade to be very crystal-light-ish. Friday morning I was eager to see them in action  before my run. I whipped out a couple tablets and dropped them into my nalgene. I watched them fizz and gave it a little shake-shake to help the tabs dissolve. I couldn’t believe I was so excited to try a new sports drink. Where has my life gone? I took my first sip.

It wasn’t what I expected…

It was better!

It was light and refreshing, not too much flavor, and most surprising to me, it was effervescent! I definitely sensed a little bubbly magic. I had no idea it would fizz! Do all the flavors fizz? How did I miss this? Doing a little research on I find that you’re supposed to leave the lid off while you dissolve the tablets so it doesn’t have that carbonated taste. Whoops. Definitely wasn’t doing that. So it’s not supposed to fizz? Now I’m all confused!

My little pink nuun bottle, picture thanks to

How do you Nuun? Fizzy? Not Fizzy?

I kind of like the fizz! I used the nuun for my long run on sunday and I did enjoy drinking something other than water. I see myself most using Nuun prior to a race as a good way to hydrate, and I’ll probably continue to use it on my long runs too. My favorite part about it is the packaging though, that little tube is just so fun to look at.

And finally, the reason I’m not a baker:

The birthday cake I made for hubster…apparently I either did not grease the bundt pan enough or I didn’t wait long enough to dump it out…or both. Luckily it was made with lots of love.

2 thoughts on “TRX + my first Nuun experience

  1. Caution : if you Nuun your handheld with the cap on and closed, and mid-run you use your mouth to open it, prepare for an explosion and some choking. Not that I’ve done that…

    The bubbles were a surprise and took a little bit to get used to, IMO, but I agree it adds a great element and sets it apart from other sports drinks or water-enhancers. And yes all the flavors do fizz, even if you leave the cap off. I think it even shaves a few seconds off the dissolve time. Ok maybe I made that up.

    What part of CLE? I grew up south of the city and live in Westlake for a bit before we moved to CA.

    • Thanks for visiting, I love reading your blog, it is fantastic! It’s funny you say that…I was wondering mid-run why I almost broke my teeth trying to get the cap up, only to get Nuun-ified all over myself when I yanked it open with my free hand! I’m glad my teeth couldn’t handle the pressure so I avoided the choking part 🙂 I will say that I enjoyed that it is much less sticky than your typical gatorade type drinks as I’m a pretty messy mid-run hydrater. I can’t believe you lived in Westlake! I’m right next door in Rocky River. I’m NOT from the cleve and kind of dreaded the move here but I have really gotten attached to it! It’s a great little city, albeit with some crappy weather sometimes :).

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