It’s all about the journey

My food journey reached a new low last week.

On Thursday night, we had beanie weenies for dinner.

I know, it pains me to even write that. Really Abbey? beanie weenies? I mean that’s not even sort of healthy.

Trust me, if I weren’t married it wouldn’t have happened. If I weren’t married I would have had oatmeal, or grits and eggs, or rice with leftover veggies. But sometimes, when your married and the grocery stores in your town have been out of power because of a certain storm (cough Sandy cough), you work until 9:30 and your husband is in charge of dinner and he doesn’t like any of your suggestions. OH and you have to eat gluten free so elbows with ketchup is out of the question (yes, he literally eats this…it’s actually pretty tasty, i won’t lie).

Then you have beanie weenies with a spinach salad and red pepper. Classy. At least we got the vegetables involved.

What are beanie weenies, you ask? WELL, I am sureeee that you will be jumping into the kitchen to try this out, if in fact you’ve never had or heard of beanie weenies. I grew up eating this on camping trips, and everything tastes better when your camping. It takes approximately 3 seconds to throw together and can be cooked in one pot if you need to (i.e. if your camping). Let’s be honest though, you’re probably never ever going to cook this dish.

Beanie Weenies

  • 3-4 hot dogs (we used kayem, which are gluten free and kosher and just about the best hot dog I’ve ever had, given that I didn’t eat hot dogs for 15 or so years
  • can of baked beans

Grill up hot dogs in one pan and heat beans in separate pan. Cut up hot dogs, stir into baked beans. Divide into bowls. Enjoy. Feel guilty that you enjoyed it so much.

There’s really a lesson in this though – eating gluten free is NOT neccessarily more healthy. 

So all you people out there who are eating gluten free to “lose weight”, stop it. You’re making me look bad. I never, ever do “fad diets” like that that totally eliminate a food group, or item, or ingredient. Actually, I never diet. The only time I weigh myself is when I go to the doctor. My body image lies in my strength, or at least my perception of how strong I feel. If I feel strong, I am happy with my body, no  matter the number on the scale. But I HATE telling people “oh I can’t have {beer} {delicious bagels} {that gnocchi that looks so good} {etc} because I have a gluten intolerance. Because inevitably the first thing out of their mouth is “oh yeah I feel like a lot of people are getting “gluten intolerance”” insert sarcasm. I want to scream “DO YOU KNOW HOW BAD I WAS FEELING???” “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH BETTER MY EPILEPSY IS WITHOUT GLUTEN!?!?” “SUCK IT!!!” Vulgar, I know. Sorry grandma. But it seriously grinds my gears. I am not giving up all these tasty foods to lose weight. I was just starting to enjoy my new life as a foodie and then a serious wrench got thrown in it. But not having those things and having eating out become a little annoying/stressful is way worth the pay out of the happy stomach and clear, non-seizure-y head I’ve had the past month.

OK, Rant over.

The Philadelphia Half Marathon is Fast Approaching!

10 days, to be exact. In 10 days I will be done with my 3rd half marathon. I’ve run one really awesome one and one really un-awesome one (but I got to meet Ryan Hall so all was good!). Even though I’ve been running low (but increasing slowly) mileage and certainly didn’t train long enough I feel like if I run a smart race I can do pretty good. But more importantly, it’s nice to know that no matter how fast I run I will be helping others with epilepsy. Pretty cool.

Team shirt what what!

It’s amazing what can happen when your focus is on something other than running fast. It turns out that with me, it appears that when I’m just focusing on each workout at hand, and focusing on ENJOYING each run as it comes I get faster. I killed a 6.5 mile tempo run yesterday at a pace faster than I would have imagined I could run 8 weeks ago. Not because I was trying to run fast, but because I was trying to enjoy the run. I feel like a little bit of a hypocrite for trying to do well in this upcoming half mary when I started out with a focus of running for others, and running for the pure joy of being able to run. But now I’m realizing that the two kind of go hand in hand for me. As in IF I run with joy/with my head and heart in the right place, I WILL do well.

So What’s Next?

I won’t lie, I’ve already been thinking about what will be next after Philly is over. Back when my running mojo returned I feel like something awakened in my soul. I’ve never enjoyed running this much, and I don’t want to stop.  I’ve been doing a lot of goal setting/dreaming in my Believe I Am journal, figuring out what exactly I want to achieve and the steps necessary to do so. But the two things I plan on focusing on over the winter are consistency and frequency. I’m going to do time trials as much as the weather allows (not many races happening up this way in the winter months) to chart progress and keep me focused. One of my goals for 2013 is to run more races, at all distances but especially the 5k. You could say I’m starting my own #5krevolution (all props to Meggie for coining that one). But really it’s more of a #getfasterrevolution. Speedrevolution? Operation Run? No need for a witty name, you get my drift. I want to run a lot. faster than I am now. 2013, year of the runner. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

But first, I’m going to rep it for Team ETP, Philly Style.

Love this place. Cannot wait.

3 thoughts on “It’s all about the journey

  1. At first I thought beanie weenie was like a mini hotdog or something but its really just beans and weiners. Very amusing. Hopefully you guys can make it to the grocery store soon so you can fuel up for this race!

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