Epilepsy Awareness Month!

But First…I slept all of 12 hours last night, and I’m not sick…starting off race week right! (Or just exhausted)

I also feel inclined to tell the interweb about my super fun, much needed girls weekend in DC. Mostly because I live several zip codes away from all of my closest girlfriends, and weekends like this don’t happen very often for me. So it’s a big deal. I drove down to DC last Saturday for my friend and college teammate’s baby shower. The shower was hosted by her sister (and my teammate and friend) and our college coach at my coach’s house. I got down there a little early, with just enough time to catch up with a couple of my girlfriends that I hadn’t seen in a while and snuggle with one of their little newborn babies. He happens to be the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Then it was shower time, and we had a blast. Lots of games, laughing, wine-ing, and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Plus the cutest little gifts: bracelets with sayings on them. I picked “relax” and I plan on wearing it for Philly next weekend. What a great reminder, no matter what the day brings, to relax and just breathe.

ignore my hairy arms. In middle school some kids called me baboon arms. I can’t remember if it was because i could bench press more than all the boys or because my arms were hairy…probably both.

I haven’t taken it off yet (well except to shower, do dishes, etc).

We took the party back to one of my friends’ houses for a while and then one of my very best friends and I went out to dinner, caught up, and promptly fell asleep by 10pm. Solid. The next day I had a quick brunch with my girls and then headed home, all too short. It made me miss my gymnastics/college/team days. A lot. The best thing about these friends are that no matter how long it’s been since we’ve talked/seen each other, it’s like no time has passed when we’re finally together again.

We used to have an end of year party every season at my coach’s house, and it always included a team picture on my coach’s deck. So this weekend we decided to do a remake, 4 generations of GW Gymnastics in one picture (would’ve been 5, but our friend happened to be in Chicago because, oh, she was just working on the President’s staff. NBD), with the very best coach I’ve ever been blessed to work with. Special Special People.

FYI love my jean dress. Most comfy thing ever. I love dresses because you just put them on and BAM! You look put together. Big Fan.

Enough about me, November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month!!!

Last year for NEAM, as I like to call it, I shared my own story about my journey with epilepsy. This month I’m doing a couple things. I’m very proud of the button I placed on my blog, I even changed my blog theme AGAIN in order to get it on the side since all my widgets were on the bottom in the old layout. I am somewhat blog illiterate so figuring out how to and successfully placing a button on my blog is a huge step! Go Me!

I’m also running the Philly Half Marathon for Team ETP next weekend, and I’m very, very excited about this. Representing others with epilepsy out on the race course means a LOT to me, and I will wear my Team ETP shirt with incredible pride. Last year I wrote about a man I saw while spectating the 2009 Philly Marathon and I only hope that I can bring those feelings, that I am not alone, to another spectator this year.

I still haven’t found out where that singlet came from, but that man was an angel who invoked in me a desire to learn more about the disorder I’d blindly lived with for 7+ years. Prior to seeing that man running, I had dealt with my epilepsy with an underlying sense of avoidance, of hatred, of annoyance. After that I searched the web for knowledge. I asked my doctor more questions, and I set about on a path to living with epilepsy rather than living in spite of it.

And finally, I’m going to write about my experience of going gluten free and the effect it has had on my epilepsy. I’m still researching and gathering info on this but it’s coming. I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance after a couple months of feeling really crappy in a non-epilepsy way, but the change I’ve noticed in my epilepsy since removing gluten from my diet has been a happy surprise and I feel that it is something that should be explored in all patients with epilepsy. You have nothing to lose! But more on that later.

And finally, A quick shout out to Meggie who had a rockin’ PR this weekend on her Richmond Redemption Run!!! So AWESOME!!!

I can’t wait to read the recap!!!

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