Race Week!!!

It’s Race Week Babyyyyy!!!

I’m not excited at all…obviously. Just kidding, I’m incredibly excited. It’s been a whole year since I last ran a race – I didn’t even realize that until just this second. I was training to run the Cleveland Marathon in May, but got a stress fracture in my foot. After that it was a long series of things just not going my way and all of a sudden it was September and I was beginning my comeback. It’s crazy how fast a year flies. I already have goals for next year that I’m very excited about,  BUT today is not the day to talk about my goals for next year.

Today is the day to talk about my upcoming race and the goals I’ve set for myself. 

But first let’s take a look at the weather forecast for Sunday:

Ummm Can you say PERFECT?!?!?!?

When I began this extremely short training cycle roughly 7 weeks ago these are the goals I set for myself for both the training and the race:

So I can honestly say I have done a really good job at meeting all 3 goals. I’m really proud of how my training has gone, and looking back at my Believe I Am journal has given me confidence that despite some seriously low weekly mileage, I have put myself in a position to potentially run very well {for me}.

Which brings me to my goals. OH goals. I really have a hard time setting goals for myself, and I’m not sure why that is. I think part of it is a protective mechanism to keep me from being really disappointed because I don’t achieve them. But that’s no way to go through life. So I’m going to lay it all out there, for you, the blog-o-sphere to hold me accountable.

So here it is folks, Here’s what I’m shooting for this weekend:

I have three overarching, non time-based goals that I want to achieve/focus on during the race:

  • Be Present and Thankful throughout the race. There is, after all, a reason that I’m running this race other than to run fast.
  • Run with JOY. Why? Because I am strong. I am able. I am blessed with the ability to run. And like my dad says, you should always “Find the joy in it”. And he’s a smart, smart guy.
  • Run Hard. Don’t give up when it gets difficult. Accept that in order to achieve what I want to achieve it will hurt, but it will be so worth it. In the wise words of Kristy (who I got to run with this weekend!): Hold On, Pain Ends (HOPE).

Then I also have some time goals. This is where it gets fun. I’ve decided to create some awards for myself, because we all know I have no shot of an age group finish in such a big race. So here’s the criteria: In order to “place” in this half marathon I must also meet my three non time-based goals, no matter what.

  1. My A+ Goal: PR (better than 1:46:19 or 8:06/mile pace) + all 3 above goals. If I do this I get to  buy myself the Oiselle Totally Trials Hoodie. If that’s not motivation I don’t know what is!
  2. The B Goal: 1:47:25 (8:12/mile pace) + all 3 non time based goals. Acheiving this gets me the Oiselle Rundelicious Top.
  3. The “you can definitely do at least this well” GoalSub 1:50:00. Success here gets me the Erica Sara Designs Say It Do It bracelet.

I’m pumped.

My race mantras

There are quite a few mantras that I’ve picked up in the last few weeks and these are a few I’ll have “in the mental bank” on Sunday:

“Relax, Just Breathe” – a combo of the bracelet I got last weekend and my father’s decade’s old advice from my gymnastics days.

“Run Free, Run Fast” – I started saying this to myself during 800 repeats and loved the way it made me feel and run.

“Hold On, Pain Ends” – This one will likely have a strong presence in miles 10-13…just guessin’.

“You’re Killin’ it, Dude!” – OK, I’ve never tried this one out, but a super awesome pro-triathlete uses it so it’s gotta work!

And finally, though I don’t listen to music while I run (unless I’m on the mill) I’m going to have these two songs on repeat in my brain. Yes, I find country to be motivating.


And especially this one:

“Dig a little deeper when you think you can’t dig no more, that’s the only way I know” – Serioualy Jason? Did you write this with runners in mind? Love it.

Bring it on, Philly. I’m ready.

3 thoughts on “Race Week!!!

  1. GOOOOOD LUCK! and have fun! Will be thinking of you this weekend! So excited and super jealous… big races are so fun! Love that your goals have rewards… I may need to do that 🙂 My Erica Sara bracelet says “Find Strength In Pain” … you can do it!!!

    • Thank you Thank you Thank you! I’m so so excited, I just cannot wait 🙂 . You are so full of good mantras, I love the Find Strength In Pain! Def will keep that in mind on Sunday too 🙂

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