The Evolution of a Blog

When I started this blog a little over a year ago I was a girl with a serious fast-food/fake food problem.

I had just started a new {very time intensive/lots of late nights} job and I was in need of a serious food re-vamping. I was eating lots of processed foods because they were convenient and life had gotten in the way of exercise. I started EGLGFG basically as a way to keep myself accountable along the way.

“But Mommy I don’t keep you accountable?”

It turns out, though, that several things happened in the course of this inaugural year that I wasn’t anticipating:

  1. I adapted well. It didn’t take long for me to feel the difference in my body – especially my energy levels – when I put real food in my body verses fake, processed food. And not much longer after that I stopped craving the fast foods. Specifically I didn’t want those foods. I wanted homemade meals, and Hubster and I got pretty good at finding quick, homemade meals to make. And I got better at making my own {sometimes creative} lunches instead of buying Subway, whose lunch meat now gives me the heebie jeebies a little bit.
  2. I learned that I’m not real passionate about food blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I love food. I love eating. I love going to the farmer’s market and occaisionally I love cooking new, elaborate meals.  But when it comes to writing about those meals, and taking pictures along the way, well, that just doesn’t get me excited to write. At least not on a regular basis. And I don’t think I’m real good at it. And after several months of feeling really crappy, ending in my diagnosis (see below) my limitations forced me to focus on adapting once again. Adapting sometimes means eating risotto + frozen broccoli + an egg for dinner (i.e. the other night) because Hubster’s out of town and I don’t want to eat out. No one wants to replicate that meal! In a perfect order of events yesterday I read this blog post while writing mine. Very true words that I wish I’d read a year ago. And I am no more a food blogger than I am a dragon slayer.
  3. I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant. This threw a little wrench in my eating plans. I had to adapt, again, and I had to find new easy to make whole foods dinners and lunches that didn’t contain wheat, barley, or rye. A lot of them are not really “cooking”, but rather putting foods together i.e. dinner listed above. Also, in an unexpected way, going gluten free was 90% responsible for the re-emergence of running as a strong presence in my life. For the first time ever, I have been able to run consecutive days without feeling completely wiped out. I have recovered quicker and having spent the day after long runs NOT feeling like I got run over by a truck. Previous to this, my top 3 reasons for not running on any given day were a) I couldn’t wake up in the morning/chose sleep over getting up to run. b) I was too tired from the previous run, my whole body hurt. and c) I had a general overall fatigue that left me unmotivated. Going gluten free changed all of that, and in it’s place left me with a huge desire to run, get faster, and achieve some goals!
  4. I realized I’m passionate about running. Even in times when I personally haven’t been running so much for one reason or another I’ve always followed the sport. I’ve read about the pros, the college speedsters, the latest training ideas and methods, and, since I’m an athletic trainer, who’s dealing with what injuries (and trying to figure out how I would fix them). And most of all, I enjoy writing about all things running – gear, my own experiences, etc

    This picture makes me look about 5x larger than I am…I’m not sure why…

So where does that leave me? Well for the past couple months my blog has had a strong to quite strong running presence, and I like it. I’ve debated starting a new blog, but for right now I think I’m going to keep EGLGFG even though I’m not the biggest fan of the name. It’s not, after all, going to be solely (pun intended) about running.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to [slowly] do a blog overhaul, so be on the lookout for some fun new-ness!

Now, in my improved, non-food-centered blog, I’m going to share a very helpful tip I learned this weekend:


You would think it’s easy, right? I did too.

Step 1: google “how to microwave a potato”.  Yes, I actually googled that. I google everything, no bing for this girl. The results were pretty un-surprising: poke holes in potato, put potato in microwave, cook 5 min on full power, flip, cook 5 more minutes. Bingo Bango. Tasty hot lunch in 10 minutes or less.

So I set about washing, poking, and microwaving said potato. 5 minutes, flip, 5 more minutes. I was starving. I pulled out the potato and….

hard, wrinkly rock. Seriously. The skin was impenetrable, the potato half the size it was when I started the second 5 minutes. How did things go so wrong in 5 minutes! I tossed it, disgusted, before I thought to take a beautiful picture (reason #857462564 why I shouldn’t have a food blog). Commence step 2:

Step 2: pick another potato. Wash, poke holes, wrap in moist paper towel (my own, brilliant idea). Cook on full power for THREE minutes. Assume that whoever wrote the google article is not, in fact, a rock potato lover but just had a larger potato than me. Cook for three more minutes. POTATO PERFECTION.

Seriously, it was pretty delicious for not taking 45 minutes to cook, I even had another one today for lunch. On today’s tater I added some ham, cheese, and some tasty black bean and corn salsa. It was pretty amazing.

And now I’ll leave you with the reason I love working with high school athletes.

Below is a conversation between myself and an athlete while I was taping his wrist. To set the scene, it was last week, the day after the Philly half, so I still had my butterfly “I AM” Believe I Am tat on my wrist.

Kid, in response to my tattoo: “Abbey is that a REAL tattoo!?”
Me: “Nah, it’s fake” [feeling like a 5 yr old for having a fake tat and simultaneously thinking I should make this a teaching moment] “Real tattoos are too permanent”
Kid, with a poignant glance down at my engagement/wedding rings: “isn’t marriage pretty permanent?”
Me: pause… “well I guess you have a point…touche”

So tell me: if you could rename your own blog what would you rename it? 

4 thoughts on “The Evolution of a Blog

  1. I love that your blog has been shifted to running, that’s why I liked it!! Don’t get me wrong..I love me my food..but running is just as important! If it comes easy to blog about running keep doing it! I have found that blogging about all sorts of randoms keeps blogging fun!!

    I have often thought about renaming my blog..but I have NO idea what I would name it HA! I guess the name I have now balances with the theme of randomness..maybe!

  2. It’s great that you’re finding your voice in your blog and it’s definitely a growing/learning process. I see it as a journey and I just recently began on a new one with a new site since I wanted to broaden my topics. In the end, you have to be true to yourself in order for it to be fun. Best of luck in the process!!!! 🙂

  3. blogs are not easy. I have no idea what I would rename my blog but I would prob want it to be something funny. And I hear you on food blogging…I had plans on writing about food but I just don’t have the patience!

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