Drink your veggies…and your fruits!

I just finished up a blog post that I may never publish. It’s a touch controversial and talks a little bit too much about my job, which I try to avoid doing on here, so I’m just going to let it sit in blog purgatory for a week or two (or five) and see how I feel about it then.

Also, I’m taking a picture break today in remembrance of how we used to be able to post instagram photos to twitter. Really I just don’t have any good pictures for you. Next time, folks, next time.

In the meantime, lets talk about juicing! Not the anabolic steroid type, the vegetable/fruit type! I got a juicer for my birthday and used it several times a week for about 3 weeks, but since then it’s been relegated to the counter, sitting there looking forlorn. Yesterday I decided it would be a good time to start up again, so I picked up some juice-friendly produce at the grocery. Then this morning on our run Kristy and I started talking about recovery (which I suck at) and juicing to get easy-to-eat/drink post run nutrients.

I didn’t juice immediately post run, but I did make a tasty elixir later on in the morning, which counts, right? As a total juice rookie I thought I’d share some juicing tidbits I’ve learned in the many 4-6 times that I’ve juiced.

Juicing “recipes” are very malleable. Up until this morning I’ve only made one “recipe”: 2 beets, 1 apple, 2 carrots, 1 in. ginger. Side note: I love ginger. I wanted a recipe that included beets because I’ve read beet juice has some cardiovascular benefits. Although that Huffington Post article studied effects of drinking it before exercise, I figure having a nitrate rich diet can’t hurt no matter when it’s ingested. Anyway, back to the recipe…today I strayed off the beaten path to see what would happen if I changed up the recipe. You see, I didn’t really feel like having so much beet so I only used 1 and I wanted to try adding some spinach. End result? I couldn’t even tell a difference. The strongest flavors are from the ginger and the apple so I think as long as those remain you can vary the recipe without changing the taste too much.

When they say “clean the juicer immediately after juicing, they mean it. “They” being the manufacturers. To be honest I haven’t tested this one out, I’ve always cleaned it immediately after, but judging from the rubbish/plant refuse that I clean out of it I cannot imagine what it would be like if that were allowed to dry. When you clean it out right away you usually don’t even have to use soap. BONUS! I usually put my juice in the fridge to chill a little while I clean out the machine.

It’s easy to sneak in vegetables (or fruits) that you don’t really like eating. I don’t like eating carrots that much, or apples for that matter. I like the taste of apple but sometimes they hurt my teeth. And ginger rarely finds it’s way into my diet except when juicing. But throw them all into that lean mean juicing machine and you get a drinkable treat loaded with vitamins and minerals that doesn’t taste ANYTHING like carrots. (it does taste a LOT like ginger though, so you need to like ginger).

Juicing is great for using less than perfect produce. I used apples today that probably would’ve been quite mealy if I’d tried to eat them, they’ve been in our fridge for over a month. (is that gross? TMI? Am I drunk off the fermented juices?) I’m not sure if that does anything to the nutrient content, I’m sure it’s certainly possible, but in my mind it’s better than throwing them out! I certainly couldn’t tell my apples were a little worse for the wear.

You really do feel better when you drink your veggies. Or I do, at least. I don’t know what it is, but the influx of tasty cold nutrients really makes me feel a difference. I just feel…healthier. Maybe because generally my veggies are accompanied by some form of fat otherwise – dressing, olive oil, etc. Who knows. Maybe its just the ice cold refreshingness of it?

Some thoughts on running

It’s interesting, in the past month or so I’ve been running more, and more consistently, than I have, maybe ever. Definitely in the last 2 years. And surprisingly to me, though it really shouldn’t be, I feel better than I have in a long time.

I’ve finally developed a habit, it’s easier for me to get up and at ’em for that planned run, regardless of what I have going on that day. One of the big changes I’ve made is that I’ve committed to making time for my runs. In the past few months I’ve squeezed in early morning runs, post-work runs, mid-work runs on the track in the rain, and everything in between. I didn’t just write off a run because of a schedule conflict or less than ideal weather. And one of the biggest things – I always started the run, no matter how crappy/tired/sore my body might have felt. You know what? I completed every single one of those runs.

I grew up a gymnast, and I got really good at listening to my body and then totally ignoring what it was trying to say and making it do what I wanted it to do regardless of the consequences. Then, post-college, I think I did a 180 to the other extreme and started listening to every little thing my body was telling me, and backing off unless I felt 100% perfect.

I’ve finally found a balance though- understanding that I’m not always going to feel perfect and that without pain, resistance, or adversity you can’t grow. That holds true in any facet of life, not just running. I think I forgot that for a while, or maybe, after a couple decades of pushing, I just needed a break.

This morning for instance – I was SUPER sore when waking up for some reason, almost had to do the sideways shuffle down the stairs, but once I got started with the run my legs immediately knew what to do. They pattered along and I felt like a totally different person compared to the one who 25 minutes ago was struggling down the stairs. The Abbey of the past 5 years would have climbed right back up the stairs and back in to bed, not even giving myself a chance to warm up and get the kinks out. It looks like that Abbey missed out on some great runs.

Also, today was officially DAY ONE of Operation Marathon 2k13. #PursuitofExcellence #OM2k13. More on that later.

Have any good juicing recipes/experiences/thoughts? Please share!

2 thoughts on “Drink your veggies…and your fruits!

  1. I hope you come to terms with your post soon! I feel that sometimes writing (or in this case typing) thoughts help. It’s scary to push publish with controversial stuff, but sometimes it feels good!! I love drinking my nutrients!

  2. I have never tried a juicer. I really enjoy chewing and think that if I resorted to juice I’d just eat double. Plus I don’t have a juicer. Or beets. I’m intrigued by this post though… I hope it sees the light of day!

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