Words To Live By

I recently found Pinterest, which is most likely going to become a new method of sucking otherwise productive time out of my life (and I’ll let it because it’s awesome). While browsing I found this quote ( I love quotes!) that really spoke to me.

I know that none of us (especially including me, who was definitely not Mrs. Compassionate yesterday while maneuvering through the snow/wind/slow people at Target) are perfect, but imagine how nice it would be if we were all able to employ this kind of compassion, go about our lives with this in mind even 50% of the time…Just a thought for the day.

6 thoughts on “Words To Live By

  1. Ohh man I held out as long as I could with the Pinterest trend. I held out for a while, but a couple months ago I took the plunge and made an account. BEST decision ever. I am always on there..so maybe it wasn’t a good idea..whatever I love it! This quote is great!

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