5k: Some Final Thoughts

After travelling to Houston yesterday, an awesome dinner at the House of Blues, and being in bed by 9 pm (really 10 pm EST), I had the perfect day before the day before the race.

I’m excited for this race because it’s a chance for me to practice racing, it’s a chance for me to run with some guts, and it’s a chance for me to have fun after putting in several months of some solid, focused marathon training. I do have a loose time goal but I’m trying not to focus on it because, like I said in my last post, I do better when I focus on one thing at a time.

It’s also a chance for me to wear my new Oiselle duds, which were the winner (by a long shot) from my last post.

Reading the guest post from Kate Grace on the Oiselle blog was actually the perfect thing for me to do today, and that coupled with a good phone convo with my coach on Wednesday leaves me feeling prepared and excited for tomorrow morning. There are a lot of unknowns for me tomorrow: how many people will be running, how crowded it will be, the course (I finally found the course by googling road closures in Houston, but not before my run today), if the race will start on time, etc… but I’ve got enough of a loose plan to make it work no matter what happens (I think). Here are my goals/loose race plan for tomorrow:

  1. Have a successful warm up. i.e. do the warm up. In my last (and first) 5k I didn’t get a warm up in due to a last minute porta potty stop and I paid for it bigtime. Today I practiced where I would do my warm up and my strides, if crowds permit. I actually scoped out a couple stride locations today, luckily the start line is visible from my hotel room!
  2. Go out fast but not too fast. Every day  before going to school my mom used to say “Be good but not too good” – I’m taking a similar approach tomorrow. I’m going to go out at what I feel is comfortably fast and then check my watch for pace at around the .25 mile mark. Then I will adjust based on feel/what it says/what my gut says and forget about it. The plan is to do a watch check every mile, and that’s it.
  3. Smile every half mile. I’ve got my Garmin set to take .5 mile splits, to give me feedback in real time if I need it but also to have good splits to evaluate after the race. Every time I hear my watch beep, signaling the split, I’m going to smile – no matter how bad I’m hurting or how good or bad I feel I’m running. Smiling when I run helps me stay relaxed, and tomorrow it will serve as a reminder that over all I should be focused on having fun!
  4. Pick off as many people as possible in mile 2. I know that the 2nd mile is going to be the hardest for me, so I’m just going to focus on passing as many people as I can to try to take my mind off of things.
  5. Start over every mile. Or in otherwards “run the one you’re in”. I really want to avoid focusing on “how much I have left”, so at every mile marker (assuming there ARE mile markers) I’m going to mentally start the race over. Or that’s the plan 🙂 We’ll see how it goes.

Let’s Do This!!!

The start line, from the comfort of my hotel room!

The start line, from the comfort of my hotel room!

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