My First “Things I’m Loving” Post

Wow! Hi Blog! It’s been a while – to be explained below. I couldn’t decide whether to do a “things I’m loving right now” post (of which I have many “things”) or a “how marathon training has been going” post (since I haven’t done one of those since, oh, I don’t even know). So I started to do a combined post. Then I realized things were getting wayyyy to long in this hizz-ouse so I split it back up into two. Today you’re getting the awesome things that I’m currently in love with. I’m sure you’re very excited about this.

Things I’m Loving Right Now

1. Coffee – oh my gosh I love coffee. I’m learning that there is a converse relationship between weekly mileage and amount of coffee I need in the morning. Just 3 short months ago I would have maybe a half a cup, at most 1 cup of coffee in the morning. Now? I’m barely functional until that warm brown liquid is in a cute mug making frequent trips to my face. And then it takes me a solid 2 cups before I feel like I’ve had enough. Also, for our wedding we got this fancy coffee maker that grinds the beans immediately before the coffee is brewed (genius!) so I’ve been on a “fancy coffee” rampage for over a year. I rarely buy the same bag o’ beans twice (except for Larry’s Beans Christmas Blend, I’m so sad it’s only a “holiday” flavor!) and it’s generally some insanely priced fair trade/organic/etc etc. But it’s so delicious!

Some day I want to go to a coffee shop that leaves messages in their coffee. Where they also serve Larry's Beans. Is that possible?

Some day I want to go to a coffee shop that leaves messages in their coffee. Where they also serve Larry’s Beans. Is that possible?

2. My new Oiselle Bum Wrap – Honesty hour: I’ve never been much of a “skirt runner”. OK I’ve NEVER been a skirt runner. But after seeing the bum wrap in “action”  on this girl (aka super cute pictures all over her blog after her half marathon) I decided I’d give it a try. Truth: It almost makes me want to run on the treadmill just so I can wear it (too cold right now to wear outside). The fabric is yummy, per usual with Oiselle, and even though there are no sticky thingies on the legs to keep them from riding up, they don’t ride up! I call this phenomena the Oiselle effect and my thighs are oh so grateful for it!

3. Castle – OK, truth be told, things are getting a little rediculous in Abbey Land when it comes to Castle. I’m scared that my husband is about to stage an intervention, and this show is 150% the reason why I haven’t written a blog post in upwards of like 3 weeks. It happens every year around this time – I get absolutely OBSESSED with something and everything else (laundry, dishes, showering, walking the dog) goes by the wayside until my “task” is completed. I blame the miserable Cleveland winters + the fact that hubster travels a lot during said winters. Two years ago it was Alias – I’d already seen the whole series when it first aired, but I started re-watching the first season on my computer…and I couldn’t stop. Soon I’d watched all 5+seasons. This is when I was unemployed too and I would literally watch 8, 9 episodes a day. It was really quite sad. Then last year, I decided to re-read the Harry Potter series (ironic – that post was written on 3/10/12. almost exactly a year ago). This year, I found the TV show “Castle” in January and started DVR-ing reruns to catch up.

He really is ruggedly handsome! And she's just gorgeous...don't even try to deny it. #girlcrush

He really is ruggedly handsome! And she’s just gorgeous…don’t even try to deny it. #girlcrush

That’s how it always starts – a casual watching of a show. Pretty soon I was all like “hey, but wait, how did Castle and Beckett get together? Who ended up ordering the hit on her mom? WTF is up with him being back with his ex-wife?” And so, I innocently decided to  use an itunes gift card to purchase the first season. I’m currently on season 3. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! Also, as soon as I finish this post I’m definitely watching between 1 and 3 more episodes tonight. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

4. My bed – Pretty self explanatory, but if that needed any more explanation let’s just say that I slept 9 hours last night, 12 hours the night before that, and 10 hours the night before that. SO. TIRED. This goes hand in hand with the coffee thing.

5. Asics Gel Nimbus{es} – what is the plural of Nimbus? Nimbi? Nimbuses? Nimbus? Let’s ponder…on second thought let’s not. It doesn’t really matter. The point is that these shoes are freaking awesome. They’re like running on little clouds. I have always been a “wear one pair of shoes till they die” kind of girl, but now that I’m running more I realized it might be time to start rotating out shoes.

I was having quite a bit of foot soreness with my wave riders and apparently if you’ve had 4 broken ankles, a twice repaired achilles, a screw in your 1st metatarsal, a fractured foot (separate from the screw incident), and a toe that’s dislocated 5 times (long story), it’s a good idea to have a shoe with some cushion in your rotation. Who knew? Since I’ve started rotating my soreness is all but gone and the Gel Nimbuses are quickly becoming my favorite shoe for easy/long runs.

The nimbii in all their glory. Great shoe. It's like running on clouds.

The nimbii in all their glory. Great shoe. It’s like running on clouds.

5b. CalNaturale Svelte Protein Shake – OK I know this post is getting long quickly but I do have to give one last shout out to my fave recovery drink as of late: The CalNaturale “Hello Beautiful” Chocolate Protein shake. Reasons I love it: #1 it’s extremely tasty and easy to drink after a hard workout. #2 it tastes even more delicious if enjoyed in a nice hot shower. Yes I take beverages in the shower with me, and so should you. #3 it’s extremely well balanced nutrition wise. #4 Umm because they named it after me {hello beautiful}, OBVI. But seriously, go try it out. You’ll be glad you did.

So Tell Me: What’s your favorite “cushiony” shoe? Do you have winter obsessions like I do? (probably not, I realize I’m a weirdo, it’s cool) And most importantly, do you think Richard Castle is ruggedly handsome?

6 thoughts on “My First “Things I’m Loving” Post

    • Oh it is amazing – it’s a cusinart – with bean crusher in the top part and then the normal filter part where it usually is, so you can either do ground coffee or whole bean, depending on what you feel like. The only drawback is that it’s kind of a pain to clean because there are like 3 extra parts, but it’s totally worth it!

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