Confessions of a Pregnant Woman

Once again I’ve written and erased drafts for a new post like 5 times in the last 6 weeks-ish since I posted. I’ve been so busy with work, getting the baby’s room ready (we tend to wait till the last second for these things), life, and most importantly, sleeping.

The good news is that right now, at 33.5 weeks, I am feeling way better than I have the whole pregnancy up to this point. I definitely get tired easily and definitely have some days that are worse/harder than others but as far as overall feeling I’m really kind of in a groove. I think I’ve reached pregnancy nirvana and I totally get why people looove being pregnant.


OK, so maybe that’s a lie. Oh twitter, keeping me honest. But seriously, I really do enjoy carrying this little baby most of the time, I just had a tiring and rough couple of days last week. I have some confessions to make at this point in pregnancy though, but before that, lets catch up on belly pictures:

29 weeks - I swear Black really is slimming. I took a front and profile picture to show how lil Baby S is burrowing straight out!

29 weeks – I swear Black really is slimming. I took a front and profile picture to show how lil Baby S is burrowing straight out!

On the left: 32 weeks, and on the right only a week later at 33 weeks. I feel like I stick out more only after one week! Disregard crazy post-yoga hair from 33 weeks.

On the left: 32 weeks, and on the right only a week later at 33 weeks. I feel like I stick out more only after one week! Disregard crazy post-yoga hair from 33 weeks.

Strangely, I don’t feel as huge as I feel like I look. I swear it’s because my torso is literally like 4 inches long so there’s just not much space for the baby to go but out. OK back to the confessions:

1. I need help putting my socks on. Ok really I only need help when I forget to put them on before I put pants (ie jeans or khakis) on OR when I’m wearing compression socks because I’ll be on my feet a lot. Still, it’s kind of embarrassing to have to ask hubster to put them on for me. Plus I don’t like the way he puts socks on 🙂

2. You know that feeling when you wake up from a nap and you’re not sure what day or time it is, but you’re pretty sure you slept through something? I love it. I have come to really embrace napping throughout this pregnancy, and although I haven’t napped nearly as much in the last 2 weeks (only 1 day this week down from almost every day a couple of weeks ago) I still love that feeling because it means that you got a nice good rest in.

3.  We are boycotting the childbirth preparation classes. Go ahead, start judging. Reasoning for this is really two-fold:

1) between my husband’s job and mine it’s nearly impossible to find a date that neither of us are working during the time that the class covers. It is DEFINITELY impossible when you consider that we both work so much that the LAST thing we want to do on a random free Saturday is spend 8.5 hours in a class.

2) I don’t really want to know what they have to say. This may be really stupid, (like I said, let the judging begin) but I believe in the power of the brain. Right now, I have no fear of labor or the birthing process and I’m ready to embrace it, whatever “it” is for me. I’ve been very selective about what I read. I’ve told myself hundreds of times “I’m going to have a great labor”. I don’t want any negative thoughts getting in this very positive environment I’ve got going on right now.  Most importantly my midwife and I have discussed the birth process as it pertains to me and talked at length about various scenarios where I would be open to pain medication/etc and I don’t really see the need to go to a generalized class when my situation is not “general”. Reason #9858343657 why midwives are awesome: They spend lots of time with you at appointments.

When it’s all said and done we’ll see if I end up wishing we had gone to a class, but right now, I’m totally OK with not going to one. {we are taking an “online course” offered by the hospital, and taking a tour of the hospital}

4. I’m addicted to cloth diapers. I realize this may all change 3 days into actually cloth diapering my baby but for right now, I love everything about them. I’ve read a LOT of opinions (i.e. blogs and reviews) about the different types of cloth diapers and spoke with a couple friends who have successfully cloth diapered and I have a nice little stash purchased with lots of variety based on said reviews and blogs.

My "stash" of cloth diapers. HOW CUTE ARE THEY!?!? C'mon admit it, you know they're adorable!

My “stash” of cloth diapers. HOW CUTE ARE THEY!?!? C’mon admit it, you know they’re adorable!

If you are interested in cloth diapering here are a few of the websites I’ve visited frequently:
Green Mountain Diapers: Wealth of information on cloth diapering with “natural fibers”, Great resource for inexpensive, mostly USA made diapers, covers, etc.
DIrty Diaper Laundry: Blog with lots of giveaways (which I do not enter because I never win giveaways) but more importantly with lots of firsthand info and good reviews.
Kelly’s Closet: Great place to buy brands that aren’t on Green Mountain…also I am a sucker for their sales where you get a free mystery diaper if you spend X amount of dollars.
Diaper Pin: I just go here for the reviews, honestly. TONS of reviews, so you can get a general idea of thumbs up/thumbs down.

5. I definitely cut the waist of my pants at work last Friday night. On purpose, because I was so uncomfortable and irritated and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  One {very important} thing I’ve learned in the last 4 months or so is that I do NOT like the “under the belly” maternity pants. I want the full panel, pull it up to your ribs waistband please.

6. I MISS RUNNING!!! Seriously, I would give my left arm to go for a nice long, hard run that left me just sweaty, sore, and absolutely spent. I think I’m finally feeling the effects of the extra weight gain + lots of relaxin making all my joints loose. My back hurts, my legs feel weak, my pelvis aches at the end of a long day, and my irritation level would be a lot lower if I could go for a nice painful run. 🙂 I’ve already picked a “comeback race” to shoot for – the Cleveland Hermes 10 miler in April…it’ll be 5 months post baby which is good, since I will be in some seriously poor shape considering I haven’t really run since….April? Yikes. That’s so sad/scary to admit.

Dreaming of fitting into this outfit again...#cantwait.

Dreaming of fitting into this outfit again…#cantwait.

Speaking of running, I am so excited to follow everyone’s success in Chicago this weekend!!! If you are running, GOOD LUCK, HAVE FUN, and run a mile or two for me! 🙂

One thought on “Confessions of a Pregnant Woman

  1. AMEN on all counts. I’m 34 weeks in and really just can’t wait until I can do things like have a full stomach AND breathe easily. At least we’re in the homestretch!

    And you should be fine with the online course. Our birthing class felt like a giant waste of time with about an hour of useful info (all on post-partum self-care). Everything else you probably already know if you’ve done any research or have talked to friends that have had kids.

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