Looking ahead (optimistically)

So it turns out babies change wayyy faster than I can finish blog posts. I had this great post drafted and then two things happened- 1) I realized little one had changed so much that none of what I wrote was even true anymore, and 2) I had a mommy brain moment and somehow 95%of said post was magically gone. So here’s a recap of the last few weeks:

We (and by we I of course mean she) started napping in the crib during the day: YAY!!!

Proof of said crib sleeping...also, whoever invented baby monitors IS AWESOME. I love creeping on my baby while she sleeps.

Proof of said crib sleeping…also, whoever invented baby monitors IS AWESOME. I love creeping on my baby while she sleeps.

Turns out she only naps for 45 minutes at a time: DRAT!

45 minutes of alone/free time is better than the 0 minutes I was getting before: YAY!!!

I’m slowly increasing my mileage: YAY!!!

I still feel like an awkward baby giraffe flailing around 99% of the time: DRAT!

Every time I start to think I’ll be able to run more days per week something happens to squash my hopes: DOUBLE DRAT!!

We had 2 days of above freezing temperatures: YAY!!!

Neither day was sunny and we still had 85 inches (or like 8) of snow on the ground: DRAT!

Actually, yesterday was also above freezing, so that makes 3 days, and finally some grass is starting to show and I was able to take the baby and the dog out for a {short} walk both today and yesterday. It’s hard to walk too far because you’ll hit a house who decided to both plow their driveway and not shovel their sidewalk so there is a giant mound of snow/ice in your way. I’m pretty sure that should be against the law. It’s also hard to go too long because, quite honestly, I have no idea if I’m dressing Little Bit warmly enough. Today I actually interspersed walking with some jogging and I am SO excited to go for runs with the BOB. It didn’t feel half as awkward as I expected and Little Bit seemed to enjoy it.

I’ve been a little frustrated lately because, as I said above, it seems that every time I try to plan when to run something happens thwarting my plans. Often, that thing thwarting my plans is my inability to force myself out of bed in the early morning after a night of frequent waking to get out and run while hubster is home and can tend to Little Bit if she wakes up (highly likely, also, holy run-on sentence). This morning I was about 75% committed at 5:15 to just stay up and go run…and then I didn’t. It’s a work in progress…

It's a good thing she's cute... here she's saying "Mom, this headband, really!?!?"

It’s a good thing she’s cute… here she’s saying “Mom, this headband, really!?!?” Also note the spectacular photo-bomb by my dog…

I’m trying not to make excuses (or maybe I am), it just seems that there’s this perfect storm of problems getting in the way of running. I was going to list these problems, but it totally ended up reading like a big ol’ whine fest about something that, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t that big a deal. Basically, I’m just going to keep on trying: staying flexible, continuing to learn, taking what I can get, and praying to the weather gods to give us a freaking break so I can start taking the BOB out more with Little Bit. A prayer to the sleep gods couldn’t hurt but I think that’s just something I’m going to have to learn to deal with.

Although my mileage/days run aren’t creeping up as quick as I’d like, I’m trying to look on the positive side and remember that it might not be such a bad thing considering I didn’t run for 10 months. It’s like the universe is just helping keep me from getting injured…right? 🙂

When you can't run...you can always do wall-sits. They are, however, much less fun than running.

When you can’t run…you can always do wall-sits. They are, however, much less fun than running.

In some exciting news I finally got my monthly Picky Club shipment and … I’M ON TEAM PURPLE!!! Booyah! This is SUCH a cool idea that PickyBars is doing and I just love love LOVE everything about this company. I’m so pumped for the Picky Games!

Team Purple making its debut!

Team Purple making its debut!

But back to the actual point of this post…with all this time not running I’ve been scheming and dreaming and planning out some races for the year! One of the things I’m excited about is that my ability to run in races has been sprung wide open thanks to my new stay-at-home-mom-ness. In previous years I’ve worked every single Saturday with the exception of June and July, severely limiting my ability to run in anything other than local Sunday races. FYI, that really puts a cramp in your style. Now though? The {racing} world is my oyster!

It’s been fun trying to lay out a year of racing, and thinking about exactly what I want to achieve. In the past I’ve only run a couple races a year, mainly because of aforementioned work schedule, and I’d really like to focus this year on simply racing more. 

With that in mind, here’s what I’m thinking so far, race-wise, for 2014:

  1. April 26: Hermes 10 Miler – Cleveland, OH: I ran this race three years (holy crap time flies!) ago and LOVED it. This will be my first race since the 5k I ran last February and I have to admit, right now 10 miles feels pretty daunting. As of right now my goal for this race will just be to run hard and get an indicator of where I am fitness-wise. I think it’s pretty unlikely that I will PR, but we’ll see how the next 9-ish weeks go.
  2. May 10: 4 Miles 4 Water – Cleveland, OH: I was going to do a 5k in May but then I saw this race and thought “Hmm, 4 miles sounds like a fun distance to try”: automatic PR, plus it a) supports a good cause and b) instead of a race t-shirt you get a stainless steel water bottle. Win-Win-Win.
  3. June 22: A Most Excellent Race 10k – Cleveland, OH: I really wanted to do a 10k in June to get an idea of fitness but also to run a 10k…the only previous 10k I’ve done was a trail race back in Philly. I loved it until I saw the finish line and then realized the trail turned 200m before it and went up the steepest hill I’ve ever seen. Note to self: if running a trail run, you should actually run on trails before race day.
  4. July 12: XTERRA US Natl Whitewater Trail Race – Charlotte, NC: I don’t have a distance because various sites said things ranging from 7.6-8.2 miles. Basically some random distance…but I’ve always wanted to see the Whitewater center in Charlotte and I”ll be home in NC during this time so I thought I’d take advantage!
  5. After this is where my plan gets a little dicey. I would LOVE to race a full marathon in the fall, in October or November. At the same time I’m not sure I’ll be able to be running the weekly mileage/workouts I want to really throw myself at a marathon. So my plan, depending on how things are going, is either run my fall marathon (Wineglass, Richmond, Philly are my top 3 right now) and run the Columbus half  as a tune-up if I run Richmond or Philly (still trying to find a good tune-up 13.1 4-6 weeks out from Wineglass…). OR I will do a few half marathons, chasing a PR there. There are so many races I want to run it’s hard to pick!!!

This is all a loose schedule, I may add a few more races spur-of-the-moment, as there are really a lot of good races in and around Cleveland that I’d like to run, but I’d at least like to do these I’ve listed.

So tell me: How do I get my butt out of bed early to run? What race are you looking forward to this fall?

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