It’s time to race again!

Wow does time sneak up on you when you have a new baby. I really wanted to write about this year’s Boston Marathon since my last post was about last year’s, but since 98% of the blogging running community have already beaten me to it, I think I’m going to highlight some of the posts that I loved reading.

1. This post by A Dose of Running. It so accurately portrayed how something as simple as running can elicit so many emotions. Tears fell for me on Monday, just like last year, but they were SO DIFFERENT from last year. This year I cried during the women’s race as I watched Shalane Flanagan lay her heart and soul out on the course. I could only imagine how hard she trained for this, and I was so inspired by her running to WIN. And then a half hour later, I cried for Meb when he broke the tape. Happy tears, sharing his joy. And I downright sobbed watching Shalane’s post race interview. I wished so badly (probably not as bad as she did) that her best had been good enough too. (I searched high and low for the video of this, but couldn’t find it. Interwebz you failed me.)

2. This post from the NYC Marathon. I didn’t really know a lot about Meb Keflezighi before reading this article, but I fell in love with him after reading about his enormous character during the NYC marathon, when he had a race where most pros would have just pulled up and stopped. But Meb kept running. Insert metaphor for life here.

Proof that I loved meb before Boston. This from my facebook page in November.

Proof that I loved meb before Boston. This from my facebook page in November.

3. This post showing some of the race tactics that took place. With the exception of the ONE cross country race I ran as a freshman in high school I have never run a race where I needed to worry about anybody’s “tactics” than my own. But I am a “runnerd” and the race tactics of the pros? I LOVE TO READ ABOUT THEM. This was no different. I loved reading how the Americans worked together to give Meb the best chance possible to win.

4. This picture:

I’m not aware of any other pro runner who put the names of the 4 victims from 2013 on his/her bib. Who believes in karma now? Just another testament to Meb’s character.

And now let’s talk about me…

Tomorrow I’m running the Cleveland Hermes 10-miler. I last ran this race in 2011 (and ran a personal best!). In my {almost} 7 years of racing I have a long history of running 10-milers that I am severely unprepared for.

There was the 2008 St. Patrick’s 10-miler in Atlantic City (1:25:52) that I only ran a smattering of 5-mile runs prior to racing.

Then there was the 2009 Broad Street Run (1:24:04) that I a) ran a HARD 9-miles 3 days before (to “make sure I was ready”) and then b) took the first mile out in 7:15, and ended up walking at mile 4 because I *shocker* had a stomach cramp. I never claimed to be an intelligent racer.

Next up we had the 2010 Broad Street Run. Fresh off my second marathon (3:51:48) in late march I hadn’t run much in the 6 weeks leading up the race. Add in the 95 degree heat we had that day and I finished in a personal worst 1:26:54

Finally, the 2011 Hermes 10-miler. This time I had actually been running 3-4 days a week pretty consistently, though without any type of structured workouts and with a long run that topped out at 7 miles. I surprisingly ran a PR of 1:22:36.

I say all that to say this: I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. On one hand I’ve had both a longer long run (8.5 miles 2 weeks ago) and more consistent (albeit extremely low mileage) running (13-15 mi/week for the last month or so). On the other hand I have this thing called A NEW BABY. The ultimate wild card. Breastfeeding drains me (and makes it hard to stay hydrated). And if that weren’t enough we’re still waking up every 2-3 hours at night. EVERY night. Not to mention the fact that my body is still not as strong as it was, and I’m sure my running mechanics have changed.

My runs have been all over the place – I had a 6 mile run at 8:30 pace that felt SO EASY. Then I had the 8.5 mile run the next week that had me begging for mercy at 9:40 pace for the second half. I can easily peg the hard runs on specific things: worse-than-normal sleep the night before, being more-than-normal dehydrated, a randomly hot and sunny day, etc etc. But the fact is there is a new normal now, and I can’t really compare anything to the pre-baby me that got 8-10 hours of un-interrupted sleep each night and didn’t spend at least 3 hours with an Ergo carrier and 14 lbs of baby on me because that’s the only way she’ll nap.

So tomorrow I have a goal that doesn’t revolve around the time on the clock when I finish. Tomorrow I’m going to try to do something that’s NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE in Abbey-racing-world. Tomorrow, my only goal is to negative split the race. I want those second 5 miles to be faster, even by a second, than the first 5. In a way it’s a lofty goal considering I have never, ever succeeded in doing it before. Here’s to the slow start…I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂




2 thoughts on “It’s time to race again!

  1. Ah, you sited all of my favorite Meb/ Boston Marathon posts! Not surprising that our tastes in blogs is similar based on what I know about our shared love of classic North Carolina food! (Thanks, Instagram!) Hope your race when well!

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