An EGLGFG update – finally…

Sooooo hey there, it’s been a while! While i do have a couple different drafts written up in what I call “blog post purgatory”, I really haven’t thought much about the blog in the last few months. But recently I’ve been feeling more like coming back to EGLGFG, so here I am. It should come as no surprise to the 3 of you still reading that I’ve taken {another} 4 month break from this bad boy.

In my defense, it’s been a somewhat busy four months. In June my mom came up for a long weekend and the hubs worked…a lot.   In July my in-laws visited, then Mary and I road tripped down to NC to spend 2 weeks at my parents’ while the hubs was in Vegas for work. We came back home for a week then left again for a week to the beach in NC for a family reunion – Mary’s first trip to the beach! After a looooong 14 hour road trip back home (thank you, traffic) we spent two weeks in the Cleve and then took a family (just the hubs, Mary and I) week-long vacation to Miami and Key West. The in-laws visited again and now all of a sudden it’s almost October. Whew!

Sunset in Key West. So fun!

Sunset in Key West. So fun!

A Running Update

Soooo, postpartum running has thrown me some curve balls, and I want to talk about them. When I last left you hanging in mid-to-late-May I had just PR’d the Hermes 10 miler and was starting to get back in the groove but was struggling to find consistency from week to week. Then June hit. Mary suddenly started hating the stroller, which made me hesitant to take her out. Hubs was working a lot and she was still waking every 3-4 hours at night so waking up early wasn’t an option in my book. Then my mom came to visit and I was so excited that I’d have a baby sitter so I could get some running in. And then I didn’t run a step while she was here. I just didn’t feel like it. I was tired – no, exhausted – and I had zero desire/energy to get out there and run. For the next two months i only ran a handful of times, when the feeling struck me. FINALLY, a week and a half ago, I started getting the energy back and motivated to run. I started formulating a plan to get me back running without having the same problem. As I’ve thought about the past 4 months, here are the problems I faced, so if you’re just starting this postpartum journey maybe you can learn from someone else’s mistakes 🙂

  1. Not enough food {aka calories}: “breastfeeding takes a lot out of you” everyone said. Well, everyone was right. But what they don’t tell you is that it’s damn hard to actually find the time to eat enough food. It’s even harder if you’re so sleep deprived (see below) that when you actually make it to the store your brain shuts down unless you have a list and you’re so petrified that your baby is going to freak out that you skeedaddle outta there as fast as you can. It’s even harder if you happen to have a baby that must be held 95% of the time.
  2. Not enough sleep: *WARNING* If your first child is younger than 3 months you might not want to read this. I would have had a nervous breakdown if I had known what was ahead. My daughter will be 10 months old in a week and I can count on 2 hands the number of nights she has given us a 6 hour stretch. There is ONE time she has slept longer than 6 hours. And the past month? Well since she turned 9 months she’s been having a wake-every-hour-party. I am not exaggerating, sadly. And when it comes to recovery from running no sleep + not enough calories DOES NOT EQUAL SUCCESS.
  3. An overzealous desire for “normal”. It’s safe to say that when I became a mama the rug of normalcy was yanked right from under me. Again, everyone said “everything changes”, and again, everyone was right. EVERYTHING CHANGES. And for me running was the one thing, the only thing, that could be the same. I yearned for it. Whenever I have gone through large changes in my life, running has been there, and I have leaned heavily on it. So looking back my stroller runs were a little too fast, ALL my runs were a little too fast, especially given #1 and #2 above.
  4. Random foot pains. I woke up one morning in August and could barely walk. Once I hobbled around for 15-20 minutes the pain went away and I would just have random twinges throughout the day. Some nights I would have a dull ache as I laid in bed, but every morning it was back to this crippling pain for 20 minutes or so. The pain was over my cuboid bone, and quite frankly I have no idea what the deal was. I’d switched from my hokas to the adidas boost sneaker, and I think that I just need MORE cushion. So I switched back to the Hokas, and so far no pain! I can run a couple times a week in my adidas’, but I think they will have to be a shoe I use in rotation with a more cushiony shoe.

And now i’m back at it, I’m trying again, and trying to do things right this time. I’m MUCH more comfortable with baby outings now, which makes going to the store (i.e. getting lots of yummy food to eat) easier. Mary and I have found our rhythm, which makes everything better, and I’m used to our *new* normal. And guess what? I really love it. Running will be the final piece of the new normal puzzle.

A Baby Update

Oh my gosh, this child is amazing. She is so alert and engaged, which is probably why she seems to hate sleeping. She will be 10 months in a week and she is standing up on EVERYTHING – the door, the window, the couch, the wall, the oven (bad mommy) are all props to pull her up to a stand. And she’s looking STURDY on those two feet.

"here mom, I think you need me to help you pull all the dishtowels out of the drawer."

“here mom, I think you need me to help you pull all the dishtowels out of the drawer.”

She crawled on the later side – 8.5 months, and once she started crawling she immediately went from being a serious baby to a giggling, crawling fiend. It’s like she was consumed with being able to MOVE. Pretty neat. She lovessss her daddy, and yesterday she stood at the window with our pup saying/screaming “DaDAHHHH!? Da DAHHHH?!” Like “where the hell are you dad, get home!”.

They both assume this position around 5pm everyday. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

They both assume this position around 5pm everyday. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

It is SO amazing to watch her grow and learn and try new things and foods. She STILL doesn’t have any teeth, which could be part of the reason she wakes up every 2-3 hours still. She LOVES our dog Tessie, and it is so cute to see them interact. I just love spending our days together. It took me longer than I expected to adjust to being a full time mom, and it is still a work in progress, but I treasure every second I get with her.

And there you have it.

I’m running a 5k next week, and entering the stroller division. Really my goal is to finish without Mary having a complete meltdown, but I did peek at the results from last year and even in the abysmal shape that I’m in right now I could have a shot at winning the stroller division (the race supports mothers and infants in need). We’ll see what happens 🙂

I know, she's the cutest baby ever.

I know, she’s the cutest baby ever.



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