I started Eat Good Live Good Feel Good (or EGLGFG) as a way to get back on track with my lifestyle. I was eating a LOT of processed and fast foods and not really putting much thought into what I was putting in my body. For example, on one particularly busy day I had fast food from 3 different places for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. YIKES.

Enter EGLGFG. Essentially my own prescription for a happy life:

Eat Good: To me this means minimally processed foods. It means eating foods that have been grown in ways that respect the Earth. I am not a vegetarian, but I do everything possible to buy all my animal products from local farms whose animals live in humane, happy conditions until they are made into food.

I’m very fortunate to live in an area with some great farms, and I buy almost all of my milk and butter from Hartzler Dairy Farms and as much of my meat as possible from Bluebird Meadows Farm. I get cheese from the Middlefield Cheese Co-op and eggs from whoever is selling them at the farmer’s market. Sometimes, life gets in the way and I’m not able to make it to the farmer’s market but I’m fortunate to have some great grocery stores that sell a lot of local items.

Live Good: This can mean so much, but a few things that I strive for (note: I did not say “a few things I always do”…no one’s perfect, especially me)- treating the Earth with respect – not littering, recycling whenever possible, wasting less. Treating people with love – especially my family but also being kind to strangers, holding doors, saying hello, these are things that are often lost in our world of iEverything. Treating my body well – exercising often, feeding the mind and soul, sleeping enough, yadda yadda yadda.

If I do these things above I know that I will Feel Good. About myself, about where my money goes, about the nourishment that goes in my body, and about my relationships in life.

A Transformation – After a year of blogging I learned something about myself – I am not a food blogger, which is what this blog was essentially started as. My plan was to share recipes and stories on my journey to cleaner eating. Sure I had some posts I was proud of, but I wasn’t itching to write, I stink at taking pictures, and I didn’t care enough to get better. So EGLGFG kind of took a sharp right hand turn into being a “heavy on the running” blog. You can read more about my revelation here.

So Anyway… This is EGLGFG, a blog about… stuff. Mostly running, I’ll throw in a recipe if it behooves me. I may share the funny thing my dog did the other day or the dumb thing that I did (both are frequent occurrences in Abbey world). Or that yoga class where I wore a shirt that started smelling like mold when I started sweating…Really I’ll write about whatever the heck I want to, because reading a blog is optional, and if you don’t like it/are bored/think I’m totally lame, I’m OK with that.


Contact Me!: eglgfg{at}gmail.com



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