Who Am I?

I ask myself that all the time!

Kidding, kind of. Lately I have been all about delving a little deeper into who I am, what I want out of life, etc. Maybe that’s part of growing up, maybe it’s part of a quarter life crisis, but either way it’s not what I’m going to talk about now! Here I am, in a nutshell

Little Abbey may or may not have been a little sassy and had a lot of fashion sense

Little Abbey may or may not have been a little sassy and had a lot of fashion sense

I consider myself a runner but I will always  be a gymnast. Even though I’d be hard pressed to do a successful handstand that lasted longer than .3 milliseconds.

Mid uneven-bar routine, circa 2006.

Mid uneven-bar routine, circa 2006.

I love to sweat. Which is good, cause I sweat a LOT. Hydration has a whole new meaning with me.

I have epilepsy. I am extremely fortunate and have found both a spectacular neurologist and a medication that controls my seizures well. In November 2012 I raised money for the Epilepsy Therapy Project and met some people who have truly succeeded in spite of the disease, and a few more who exemplify the fact that we really know so little about this complicated disease.

Me with Chanda Gunn, U.S. Olympic Hockey player and fellow seizure-sufferer

Me with Chanda Gunn, U.S. Olympic Hockey player and fellow seizure-sufferer

My educational background is all about health/athletics/the body. B.S. in Exercise Science/Athletic Training, M.S. in Kinesiology.

My husband and family are more important to me than anything. ANYTHING. ‘nough said.

Family :)

Family 🙂

Aside from running I am a huge fan of yoga as exercise for both body and soul. I would love to become a yoga instructor one day, but I also am a little scared it would take away some of the “magic” of yoga for me.

I love country music.It’s pretty much all I listen to, though I have been known to belt out some Lady Gaga and Flo Rida on occaision.

I was not excited at all that we were this close to Tim McGraw for his concert this summer. And by that I mean HE IS SO HOT! tee hee

I’m a Southern Girl stuck in a Midwestern State. But I love the CLE, much more than I thought I would! The weather sucks but the local food scene rocks and there are some pretty cool people here as well.

Ohio Cheese. Yummy.

Ohio Cheese. Yummy.

Going gluten free has changed my life. Luckily, I only have gluten intolerance so I can cheat when I want (Hello Pumpkin Ale!). I rarely want to though because avoiding the G word has made my epilepsy a thousand times better, and allowed me to go on a lower dose of medication! Rock on!


Contact Me!: eglgfg{at}gmail.com


7 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I was a gymnast for a long, long time until I finally had to say to myself, “guess what, this isn’t a “lifetime” activity, find something new to do!” So I took up running and haven’t looked back since.

    Very cool that you’re an athletic trainer. I was a kinesiology major in college with big dreams of doing that…and now I teach phys ed/health to middle schoolers. Not quite the same 🙂

    • Thanks so much!!! Lets definitely get in touch when you get settled here, I would LOVE to run too! Enjoy the last few days in Cali, and soak up that sun! And buy a nice big coat from Land’s End…That’s what I did when I moved here 🙂 It is hands down my best purchase to date.

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