Looking ahead (optimistically)

So it turns out babies change wayyy faster than I can finish blog posts. I had this great post drafted and then two things happened- 1) I realized little one had changed so much that none of what I wrote was even true anymore, and 2) I had a mommy brain moment and somehow 95%of … Continue reading


I’m sure if I had a dollar for every blog post on the interwebz with that title I’d have…at least a couple hundred dollars. But it’s true, the last few weeks have brought about lots of changes! I quit my job. I actually prefer the word “retired”, because I’ve never liked the word “quit”, but … Continue reading

A Humble Return

The past week has left me itching. Itching to run, itching to set some goals, itching to get stronger. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling more and more recovered from labor/pregnancy each day, maybe it’s the frigid temps and feet of snow in Cleveland, or maybe it’s the feeling of unfinished business from my abrupt departure … Continue reading

Welcome Miss Mary!

She’s finally here! Mary Elizabeth (but we’re just calling her Mary) arrived a fashionable 11 days late, on December 3rd 2013 at 4:31 am. At a whopping 7 lbs, 1 oz it’s hard to say that she was “late” at all, but rather most likely right on time. We think she’s pretty darn good looking: … Continue reading

The Waiting Game

So the little baby is still in my belly, holding strong at 40 weeks and 2 days! As much as I attribute every little change these days to “omg labor is about to start” there is a part of me that thinks the little guy/girl is pretty dang comfy where he/she is right now… At … Continue reading