Why I Run

Running has played a role in my life for almost as long as I can remember. Sometimes it’s role has been large, sometimes small, sometimes it’s been the glue that’s held me together, sometimes it’s been a casual jog with an old friend. I’ve been asked, from time to time, why I run. And for some reason I always have a hard time answering that question. I think it’s because, quite honestly, there are SO MANY reasons that I run. Here are just a few:

I run…

To achieve the goals I’ve set for myself.

Because it makes my heart filled with joy.

To appreciate the body that I’ve been blessed with.

So I can better process this journey known as life.

Because I am able to.

To push myself and become faster.

Because it makes me feel strong.

To speak with God.

For stress relief.

To feel FREE.

Because it is a sport that rewards sweat and pain with joy and elation.


And the lighter reasons:

Because the clothes are cute.

I love running shoes. Period.

Because I have zero athletic ability (i.e. hand-eye coordination)


Why do you run?



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